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Learn | 05.24.2022

Never Kiss The Fish Again With The Industry’s First Bong Water Splash Guard, The Kush Bush

The Kush Bush solves a list of major problems bong users face each sesh.

While drawing from a bong is one of the most efficient ways to smoke weed—considering it uses less flower and packs a heavy punch—bongs still come with a list of their own downfalls like harmful, bacteria-filled water that splashes into your mouth.

We know how unpleasant “kissing the fish” can be, especially since all you’re looking for is a quick rip of your favorite strain. We’re happy to help solve that nasty issue with The Kush Bush, the industry’s first bong water splash guard.

About Kush Bush

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Kush Bush is a Vancouver-based company whose founders noticed a lack of helpful tools and products to minimize the risk of splashing dirty bong water into your mouth.

After ample research, looking up “how to block the splash of bong water,” and finding nothing, a eureka-like moment struck the founders, leading them to design a beautiful and minimalist 3D model to share with bong users struggling with the same unpleasant issue.

The recently-launched company has quickly made waves with its worldwide utility and design patented Kush Bush, solving two major problems within the realm of bong smoking.

The Kush Bush Works Two Ways

Photo courtesy of Kush Bush

Not only does the Kush Bush allow you to rip a bowl without splashing water into your mouth, but it also works as a cup to hold ice, making those waterless hits cooler and smoother than ever before.

The Kush Bush is shaped like a small cup, or a shot glass, if you will. Coming in two different colors, Rainbow and Gold, this helpful little tool is made of food-grade safe stainless steel with specially designed holes for optimal airflow and maximum water blockage.

Simply drop the Kush Bush into your bong with the cup facing down or up, depending on your preferred experience.

When the Kush Bush is facing down, it acts as a barricade and blocks water from meeting your lips, and for the ladies out there, never worry about ruining your makeup with dirty bong water ever again.

When the Kush Bush is facing up, it lets you drop a few ice cubes inside while ensuring they won’t melt for up 1.5 hours due to the cold and robust nature of stainless steel.

Without the Kush Bush, the heat from your hands on the bong’s glass neck easily transfers over to the ice, melting it, adding more water to the bong, and increasing your chances of kissing the fish.

Photo courtesy of Kush Bush

Finally, the product’s stainless steel material lets you easily clean off any resin only using hot water. Furthermore, the Kush Bush’s neatly designed holes also serve as a cleaning tool for your bong.

Keep the product inside your bong when it needs cleaning and pour hot water through the Kush Bush to produce a tornado swirl in the bong’s base, getting maximum water movement for an easy clean.

What are you waiting for? Begin your journey to improving the quality of each bong toke with a hygienic, convenient, and helpful barricade like the Kush Bush, sitting pretty in your bong like a piece of jewelry.

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