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Our Full Review Of Eighty Six Delta 8 Syringes

Looking for a convenient Delta 8 concentrate?

Syringes are glass vials packed with a thick distillate that is very convenient and easy to use.

The best part about this presentation is that there isn’t a single way of using it, you can pick according to your preferences or whatever you feel like doing at the present moment. 

The Delta 8 THC Syringes made by Eighty Six are incredibly good and they come in five amazing presentations that mix and match ten strains you will love. As such, these babies may just be perfect for you to take your game to the next level. 

What Are Delta 8 Syringes And How Do They Work?

Photo courtesy of Eighty Six

Syringes are a kind of cannabis-derived packed distillate. A distillate is created when one ingredient is isolated from the hemp plant and all other chemicals are eliminated during the extraction process.

Eighty Six Brand makes these incredible Delta 8 Syringes, which feature a D8 distillate that is free of other pesky or unwanted substances.

In reality, a distillate refers to a product that has undergone a thorough purification process that removes unwanted chemicals while preserving and isolating THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, depending on the product.

These specific syringes are packed with a gorgeous Delta 8 extract which will rock your socks off without killing your vibe with a heavy high.

There are quite a variety of methods to use distillates, and they aren’t limited to the sort of distillate you have.

You can eat, vape, smoke, and infuse, whichever you choose do so wisely and with care, taking into consideration that this is a powerful dose of D8 so maybe start off slow and work your way up.

Why Should You Use Delta 8 Syringes?

The variety of uses and convenience that oil distillate syringes give are some of the main reasons you should use these.

Once you begin to see the different applications and ways of using syringes, you may switch and prefer this form of consumption over others.

Another factor, which I feel is critical, is the cleanliness and purity of the substance you are ingesting.

Distillates, as we’ve seen, remove byproducts and unwanted substances, so you’re likely ingesting one of the purest and cleanest forms of cannabinoids conceivable.

Eighty Six Delta 8 THC Syringes

Eighty Six offers a wide range of cannabis-related items, including the Delta 8 THC Syringes.

There are five distinct strains to pick from, as well as seasonal or temporal strains that come and go, so you may have your fill and fulfill your desires.

Let’s dive into the different syringes you can get your hands on!

Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer syringes from Eighty Six can induce feelings of connectedness, exhilaration, and calm creativity.

All of these characteristics will take your sexual skill and experience to the next level, and you can anticipate a strong sense of connection with your partner as well as an increase in feelings for a more intense orgasmic experience.

Boo Berry

This mix of Blue Dream and Lemon Haze has an incredibly fruity and tangy flavor that will go along well with the energizing and mood-elevating user experience offered by the Boo Berry Delta 8 THC Syringe.

Expect a creative and productive boost that will be great for a busy day that needs an extra kick.

Berry Slush

The Berry Slush D8 Syringe is one of my favorites because of the creative, inspiring, and soothing qualities that will leave you feeling productive and upbeat.

This syringe has a blend of the Strawberry Cough and Mojito strains, both of which are well-known sativas that will soothe and lift your spirit.

Grape Soda

The Eighty Six Grape Soda D8 syringe, which is created from an indica cross of Purple Punch and Blue Cookies, gives you a peaceful and pleasant feeling that leads to a drowsy and somewhat sluggish condition that is ideal for digestion.

These cartridges have a sweet and mellow flavor that will improve your creative concentration while cooking and raise your taste senses’ receptive capacities.

Overall, you and your pals can expect a terrific time, a lot of chitchat and laughs while cooking, and the food orgasm of your life.

Jen & Berry’s

The Jen & Berry’s D8 Syringe rocks! This distillate is excellent for creativity, productivity, and a euphoric feeling.

This indica combination of Gelato and Ice Cream Cake may provide a broad sense of relaxation, which is ideal for maintaining mental clarity when competing with your friends over a board or video game. 

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