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Smoke In Style With Brock Boheme’s Smoke Flask

A smell-proof, waterproof, and crush-proof flask for your stash. Find it at Brock Boheme.

It’s about time cannabis users are taken seriously. Picture someone successful. What comes to mind? Maybe an image of a well-dressed, confident, and liquor-sipping individual sitting in an armchair in front of a grand fireplace.

Who’s to say this person is holding a drink instead of a joint? We all deserve to elevate our cannabis rituals. Not only does elevated consumption break the stigma of the lazy weed smoker, but it helps you puff with confidence, let loose, and live unapologetically.

That sounds a lot like Brock Boheme, an exceptional man with a knack for the finer things, art, travel, and life experiences. But who is this Brock Boheme we speak of? Read on to learn more.

About Brock Boheme

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Brock Boheme is not one person. He lives in all of us, and he’s ready to break free from restraints and live the life you always wanted.

He boasts the confidence of a Brock on the hunt for his next meal while following an adventurous and experience-oriented Bohemian lifestyle. He’s got stories to tell and ears to listen.

Brock Boheme takes cannabis seriously, but not too seriously. The brand is eager to supply connoisseurs with an essential accessory that lets them evolve their rituals and smoke in style.

Gone are the days you had to stuff a blunt in your pocket when heading out. You deserve a product that maintains the quality, freshness, and aromas of your stash while also protecting the rolls themselves. Brock Boheme‘s Smoke Flask does all that and more.

A Flask For Smokes

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Whip out a Brock Boheme Smoke Flask when you’re in need of a conversation starter. Coming in black and white, this sleek and authentic Smoke Flask is ready for your next adventure.

Whether sitting around a fireplace or mid-way through a cross-country road trip, The Smoke Flask will make a great companion. 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide, this curved case can hold 5 pre-rolls, joints, or blunts.

The slim curved shape snuggles effortlessly into your back pocket, clutch, blazer pocket, or backpack. Plus, it traps all odors and ensures you can head out without worrying about leaving a trail of dank.

The discreet, low-profile look is perfect for the suave stoner. Even better, The Smoke Flask is smell-proof, waterproof, and crush-proof—a great travel buddy for adventurers and explorers alike.

Finally, Brock Boheme understands the importance of fresh flower. For that reason, you’ll find a clip in the Flask’s cap that can hold a single Boveda size 1 humidity pack. Simply insert the pack into the cap and trust that your flower is sitting in the perfect environment.

The Smoke Flask is our new favorite accessory. Coming in black and white, Brock Boheme‘s flagship product lets you smoke in style.

For more information about Brock Boheme, visit their website at brockboheme.com.

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