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What is a Gravity Bong?

If you’re looking for a new way to smoke weed that doesn’t involve a lot of money or time, there’s nothing like a gravity bong.

If you’re looking for a new way to smoke weed that doesn’t involve a lot of money or time, then there’s no better choice than the gravity bong. But, what is a gravity bong, anyway? In case you’ve never heard of such a thing, a gravity bong uses a bucket of water, an empty plastic bottle, and gravity to force weed smoke into the lungs. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also easy to make. If you’re considering giving it a try, then here’s what you need to know about the gravity bong.

What is a Gravity Bong?

Curious about gravity bongs versus regular bongs? It’s simple really. A gravity bong is exactly what it sounds like: a bong that uses the force of gravity to collect smoke. Like a regular water bong, a gravity bong also uses water, but instead of cooling smoke in a chamber, a gravity bong uses water to create vacuum pressure that holds your smoke in a central location.

It may sound complicated, but the idea is rather simple. A gravity bong features just two critical components—a small container fit inside a larger container. The smaller container is outfitted with a bowl on the top, much like the top opening of a one-liter soda bottle. The smaller container is placed inside the larger container. The larger container is then filled with water, submerging the smaller container up to the neck.

As you place your herb into the bowl and light it, you gently pull upwards on the smaller container. As you pull upwards, you create a vacuum pressure. The pressurized space between the water and bottleneck fills with smoke. Once enough smoke is collected, you simply remove the top bowl and inhale while pushing down on the smaller container to force the smoke out and into your lungs. The end result is a powerful and pretty hard-hitting—newbies be warned.

Benefits of a Gravity Bong

There are a couple of major benefits to the gravity bong. The first is efficacy. If you want to get high super fast, then the gravity bong has your back. For beginners, one bowl pack is more than enough to get you pretty nicely baked. Even if you’re a seasoned toker, it doesn’t take much more than 2-3 hits to feel stoned.

The second is economic. Hoping to get the most bang for your buck? It’s hard to do better than a gravity bong. Unlike other consumption methods, such as blunts, gravity bongs don’t use up a whole lot of your bud. Although you typically burn an entire bowl pack in one hit, you will only have to repack it a couple of times. The bowl piece itself is usually small, so not a whole lot of pot is necessary.

Gravity Bong Risks

While gravity bongs are awesome for parties and the dedicated herb enthusiast, there is no doubt that they come with some risks. For one, you are inhaling an awful lot of hot smoke into the lungs. This can be aggravating and damaging to the delicate tissues of your respiratory system. With each hit, you take in a large amount of heavily concentrated smoke, which is forced into the lungs.

If you’ve never used a gravity bong before, you should know that they are quite powerful, especially for beginners. If you’re a seasoned smoker, you might find that the hits are nice and smooth. However, a newb who isn’t used to taking large tokes will likely experience a lot of coughing. But hey, the more you do it, the easier it’ll get. Just don’t be surprised if some chronic bronchitis symptoms pop up if you’ve been hitting the grav’ a little too hard.

The second major downside pertains mostly to homemade gravity bongs. Plastic and aluminum foil are not designed for smoking. In fact, the standard two-liter bottle is not heat-safe at all. When these materials are exposed to heat, you can expect some off-gassing to occur. This means that you’re potentially inhaling aggravating synthetic chemicals. Fortunately, there are some very high-quality glass gravity bongs for sale that will help you avoid this problem altogether.

Best Gravity Bong for Sale

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Don’t feel like building your own gravity bong? Or, do you just prefer to stick to glass? If so, then you’re in luck. The Gravitron by Grav Labs is affordable and durable. Also, it comes in both large and extra large sizes. The nice thing about the Gravitation? The bowl is easy to pull out. No hassling or losing smoke by trying to gently unscrew a tinfoil-coated bottle cap.

If you’re hoping for something a little more luxurious, look no further than The HighRise. The HighRise is an innovative hybrid device that harnesses the best of both the traditional water pipe and a gravity bong. To use the HighRise, simply fill the chamber with clean water, pack your bowl like a regular bong, then slowly begin to pull upward on the inner tube to completely fill the piece with water. This is a truly innovative piece that easily walks the line between traditional and heavy-hitting.

Or, if you want to try something that works the same as a gravity bong with as little hassle as possible, check out the Bukket. The Bukket is like a gravity bong without water. Pulling upwards on the mouthpiece extends an accordion-style neck. Similar to a traditional gravity bong, smoke is trapped in this negative space before inhalation. Also like a gravity bong, expect to be blown over with an extra-large hit.

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