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What Is CBC (Cannabichromene)? Effects, Uses & More

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Cannabichromene is a chemical found in the cannabis plant. It does not affect thinking like other cannabis chemicals and has proven anti-inflammatory, analgesic, neuroprotective and antidepressant benefits.

While CBC definitely has singular benefits, researchers also think that it seems to synergistically work with other cannabinoids, a term known as the entourage effect.

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What Is CBC (Cannabichromene)

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Also known as Cannabichromene, CBC is the third most common cannabinoid in the marijuana plant overall.

Is considered one of the “big six” cannabinoids prominent in medical research. It doesn’t get as much attention, but CBC’s benefits are extremely promising. Like CBD, cannabichromene is non-intoxicating so it doesn’t produce a euphoric high like THC.

CBC is being studied for its potential in the treatment of cancer, inflammation, depression, and as a neuroprotectant.  

What Is CBC Used For

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The therapeutic promise of CBC is significant and requires further research to determine its power on its own, as well as in combination with other cannabinoids.

For example, CBC may have potential in the following areas: 

  • Brain growth: A study published in 2013 suggests that CBC can encourage neurogenesis. 
  • Antidepressant: CBC is a non-psychoactive compound. People looking for a natural alternative for the treatment of depression or anxiety disorders may turn to CBC as an effective option without the highs. 
  • Anti-inflammatory: A 2010 study found that CBC worked as an anti-inflammatory alone, but it’s inflammation-busting powers are amplified when combined with THC. CBC can reduce edema as well as inflammation of the intestinal tract. 
  • Pain fighter: CBC stimulates pain relief as it has mild analgesic properties on its own. There are also studies showing that CBC works together with THC to achieve this enhanced effect. 
  • Antibacterial and antifungal: CBC has significant antibacterial properties. CBC also had “mild to moderate” anti-fungal properties as well.

It is also known to have properties that inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors and as an effective remedy for painful migraines. 

Effects Of CBC

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CBC is not intoxicating and does not generate the same kind of high you get with THC.

However, CBC users may feel happy and relaxed. According to some users, CBC provides a similar effect to CBD and may help with situations such as inflammation, pain, depression, and to protect the brain and nerves.

It may also improve mood and generate a general feeling of well-being. 

CBC Strains

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A few years ago it was discovered that landrace strains from India had a higher level of CBD.

Nowadays most growers breed their plants to have high levels of CBD or THC. Therefore, it is difficult to find marijuana with significant CBC content. Below are some strains that contain CBC:

  • Maui Dream: 0.487%
  • Blue Cherry Soda: 0.462%
  • Purple Cadillac: 0.719%
  • Bubba Cookies: 0.462%
  • Charlotte’s Web: 0.432%
  • Purple Candy: 0.511%
  • Sour Tsunami: 0.486%
  • Valentine X: 0.528%

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