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Herb’s Guide To THC Distillate

We've all heard of full-spectrum and isolate products. Distillates sit right in the middle. Here's everything you need to know about them. Created with Keef.

Have you ever wondered what it means when your cannabis products have “THC distillate” listed in their ingredients or as part of their description? To that question and many others that derive from it, there are thousands of sources of information where you can find answers.

Here at Herb, we know that can be overwhelming at times, so we have put together this guide to walk you through exactly what you need to know when it comes to THC distillate.

If you’re about to read this and have never seen the word distillate in your products, let alone tried a distillate, then we suggest you try Keef’s line of vape cartridges

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What Is THC Distillate?

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Distillates take pre-extracted concentrate oils and separate them into refined cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids from substances nobody is looking for in their cannabis products, like pesticides, plant matter, or other impurities.

THC distillates are great because of their potency, how clean they are, and how concentrated they are.

The process and the effects, added to only in the cannabis world, make THC distillate quite more expensive than other marijuana products.

Still, they also guarantee that you will be consuming a pure and clear form of tetrahydrocannabinol.

What Can You Do With THC Distillate?

There are many ways to consume THC distillates, like vaporizing, through a transdermal application, edibles, topping off your joint or bowl to smoke it, dabbing, sublingual application, or even as a suppository. 

These products are commonly combined with other medicinal and functional ingredients but can also be used raw.

THC distillate is commonly used for medicinal purposes to relieve pain in a fast and effective way in any format.

Distillate is also pretty cool that since you can manipulate the material at a chemical level, you could even add terpenes to enhance its flavor or combine it with others that can make it unique.

Vape cartridges are the most popular way of consuming THC distillates. Photo by Shannon Price / Adobe Stock Photo

So, you will have noticed; the possibilities are genuinely endless. You can use THC distillate in as many or even more ways than the ones in which you can use any other cannabis products. The sky, or your desired level of sobriety, is the limit. 

I must warn you to bear in mind that if you’ve never consumed THC distillates, you should make sure that you know how much you can take. Remember that, as we always say, dosages are a personal matter.

Distillate can be pretty potent, so the amount of THC you can take using distillate could vary from other THC products.

Even if you want to get super high, we suggest starting with a smaller dose and gradually increasing it as you become more comfortable with the product.

How To Smoke THC Distillate

You can go for a vape pen, as long as it can work with concentrates like distillate. If it doesn’t, you could even add a few drops of your distillate into a prefilled cart with a different type of e-juice.

I haven’t tried this yet, but it makes sense.

If that sounds too complicated, you can just get a pre-filled cartridge like the ones offered by Keef. 

Can You Eat THC Distillate?

get more high with edibles

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You most certainly can! THC distillate can be mixed in with many of your favorite cannabis edibles; in other words, you can create your THC distillate edibles – here are some ideas!

  • Drinks: since the THC in the distillate is already activated, you can add a few drops to any glass you want. Ideally, I would suggest a warm drink that can melt the distillate well to dilute evenly into your cup. I like it with hot chocolate.
  • Honey: You can use honey or syrups for pretty much anything you want to sweeten naturally. All you need to do is heat the honey at a low temperature, mix in the distillate and an equal proportion of lecithin, and stir well. Then let it cool down and store it somewhere cool and dark. By the way, make sure you consume it six months after having made it, since it may go wrong otherwise.
  • Candy: Distillate-infused gummies and hard candies are a convenient and delicious treat to make. However, making them is more complex than the previous ideas because they require unique ingredients like gelatin, starch, and lecithin. But if you’re in for the ride, I suggest you look into a couple of recipes to replicate.

Anything with butter: Cannabutter is probably not a new concept to you. But you are using THC Distillate to make it might be. Using THC in distillate to make cannabutter makes it easier to digest and use on edibles. Because the THC in the distillate is already activated, there might be a few steps you could skip when compared to the regular cannabutter-making process.

How To Make THC Distillate

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What makes the process of distillates different from wax or shatter extraction is that the distillation process is done by heating the concentrated oil, which has been produced from an extraction of the plant to the point of vaporization, causing decarboxylation and then taking the evaporated material to the point of condensation before being collected.

If everything is done right and you genuinely refine your extractions, you’ll be getting practically pure THC.

It is the decarboxylation that happens during the evaporation process that activates the THC in the extract. From this point on, you can consume the THC distillate directly.

That said, we don’t really recommend you do your own distillate as it involves dangerous chemicals that can be very harmful if they end up in your system. Besides, there’s a multitude of products from trusted brands that have 100% safe distillate in them.

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