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Photo courtesy of Gold Standard CBD

Learn | 12.08.2022

Why Should You Buy High-Quality Hemp Flower?

Quality is the measure of the pleasure you get from smoking hemp flower, but it also is a measure of safety. Come and learn why high-quality hemp flowers matter.

Smoking hemp is not only about getting the best experience possible from the hemp flower you bought. It is also about enjoying it safely.

The quality of your hemp flower resides in the concentration of its compounds. That is true. You want a certain amount of CBD or Delta 8 THC and a fantastic terpenes profile. You read it on the label and decide if that is what you want. But what if the info is wrong?

Then you would be wasting your money, or you can get undesired effects that can be harmful because you didn’t have the correct information.

The best way to ensure you get what you are paying for and get a safe and pleasant experience is to buy your hemp flower from a reputable brand. One of our favorite recommendations is Gold CBD. It is a brand specializing in hemp-derived products that will exceed your expectations while caring for your health.

Keep reading to learn more about how to identify a high-quality hemp flower and where to buy it.

About Gold CBD

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Photo courtesy of Gold Standard CBD

Gold CBD is a hemp-derived products company that is taking the market by storm. It is still growing. Today the team has 20 skillful members. Their mission in Gold CBD is to provide people with top-quality products to have a healthy lifestyle around the hemp flower.

Gold CBD has been in business since 2017, creating and selling hemp-derived products to help you “be your higher self, without the high.” Thus, they started with CBD. But they have extended their catalog to Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, and THC-O. Al from hemp and legal under federal law.

Let’s focus on their CBD and Delta 8 THC hemp flowers and what they can do for you.

Benefits Of CBD

CBD is the most popular non-psychoactive cannabinoid in existence. People love it because its physical effects help their muscles lose tension and soothe aches and pains. But it also has an anxiolytic incidence. Thus, it is excellent for anxious people to take some before a social event. CBD does this without cutting the connection with reality. You are fully aware all the time.

But Besides having significant therapeutic benefits, CBD is legal under federal law. Then, you can consume it in most states without having trouble with the authorities. The CBD-rich hemp flowers are part of several edibles recipes and the perfect smoke for people who wants to hang lucid.

Benefits Of Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC, or D8, is an isomer of Delta 9 THC, which means they are chemically similar. Delta 8 THC is also psychoactive. But the main difference is that D8 is half as potent as regular D9 THC. Thus, it will get you high, but if the effects are easier to handle, you can control them better.

It is harder to green out when using Delta 8 THC. That makes it a favorite of new users and canna-curious.

Also, Delta 8 THC comes from hemp, which makes it legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. But, isomers of Delta 9 THC, like D8, are illegal in multiple states. Thus, you should check its legal status in your area before buying it.

High-Quality Hemp Flowers

CBD Hemp Flowers

Citrusberri Indoor Hemp Flower

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The Citrusberri Indoor Hemp Flower is a balanced hybrid hemp strain with a high 26.11% CBD concentration. And its total cannabinoid content is 31.11%. Smoking Citrusberri is a good way to start the day motivated and in a blissful mood. Besides, it has mouthwatering notes of lemon that refresh your throat and caress your palette.

Lemon Snap Indoor Hemp Flower

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The Lemon Snap Indoor Hemp Flower is an Indica hemp strain featuring a generous CBD concentration of 24.79% and a total cannabinoid content of 29.7%. This Indica promises to give you a rewarding rest after a long day. It is perfect to smoke to wind up during the evening. Lean on your window, light up your buds and let the citrus aroma fill your nose and lungs.

Garlic Breath Indoor Hemp Flower

The Garlic Breath Indoor Hemp Flower is an Indica hemp strain that has a moderate CBD concentration of 16.57%. And a total cannabinoid content of 20.25%. Its mild effects are a must-try perk for new users who don’t want to risk a couch lock. It has a dominant Diesel scent with a touch of garlic cookies. It makes a pungent aroma for sweet effects.

Delta 8 THC Infused Hemp Flowers

Delta-8 Infused Hawaiian Haze

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The Delta-8 Infused Hawaiian Haze is a Sativa hemp strain with a CBD content of 12.13% and 14.46% of total cannabinoids. This strain will help you put your body and mind at ease. But it is also a recharge of energy and a good mood. Hawaiian Haze is a daytime strain that will make any moment memorable with uplifting effects and tropical fruit aroma.

Delta-8 Infused Critical Berries

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The Delta-8 Infused Critical Berries is an Indica hemp strain containing a 20.95% CBD concentration and 25.82% total cannabinoids. It has a fruity aroma of ripe berries. But the hottest part of Critical Berries is that it is the perfect strain to fall asleep due to the combined action of CBD, Delta 8 THC, and the 1.12% CBG content.

Delta-8 Infused Sour Tsunami

The Delta-8 Infused Sour Tsunami is an energizing Sativa having a CBD content of 16.85% and a total cannabinoid concentration of 20.49%. Smoking the Sour Tsunami will provide a peaceful state without sedating you. It is perfect to use when meeting friends to get talkative. This strain has a robust bitter aroma. It is not a discreet strain, so it is best for outdoors.

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