If you are in a place where your only option is to hide weed somewhere on your person, finding the perfect spot can be tricky.

Hide Weed

You may think smoking a blunt is as simple as lighting it, but that’s just not true. For your viewing pleasure, here are 7 ways to smoke with blunt wraps.

blunt wraps

Weed has potential to treat animals’ ailments but isn’t necessarily safe across the board. In some cases, combining dogs and cannabis could be deadly.


It only took 10 months for Colorado to reach the epic $1 billion dollar mark in legal cannabis sales, according to the state’s Department of Revenue.

Billion Dollar

An Australian mother went as far as planning her own suicide due to her intolerable pain. However, thanks to cannabis oil, she can live her life again.

Cannabis Oil

President Trump said in a press conference that “drugs are cheaper than candy bars,” and calling America a “drug-infested nation.”

candy bars

Weed and movies make an awesome combination. Movies about weed are even better. Sit back, light up and enjoying these five classic stoner movies.

Stoner Movies

Weed’s Home is the new social platform that’s engaging the community with hilarious content, useful insight into the cannabis world and unique clothing.

Weed's Home

In order to keep that pure and flavorful vapor each and every time, make sure you keep your dry bud vaporizer clean and well maintained.

It’s easy to assume that filling your face with smoke will get you incredibly high. However, it turns out the gas mask bong may do more harmful than good.

gas mask bong

Turns out there are lots of dedicated cannabis farmers in Washington state, and they’d love for you to be more aware of their existence.

Dispensary Weed

Recently, a three-year-old boy with severe epilepsy was banned from his preschool for using cannabis oil to treat his condition.

cannabis oil

A Colorado initiative would allocate millions of dollars made from the sale of cannabis to help those struggling with substance abuse.

Substance Abuse

Everyone knows that cannabis causes the munchies. But, can it help you lose weight, too? Here’s what the research has to say.


Cannabis can without a doubt give you a case of the munchies. But have you ever wondered why that is? Check out this video for the facts.


The Nokia 3310, regarded as one of the most successful and durable cell phones in history, is to be relaunched later this month.

Montel received the award for using his celebrity to bring awareness to medical cannabis for treatment of chronic illnesses.

Montel Williams

Are you looking for a new way to get high? Or, just want to see what possibilities are out there? How many of these ways have you tried?

Grabbing a snack before the Grammys isn’t a bad idea. But for Elle King, perhaps pot muffins wasn’t the most excellent choice, or maybe it was.

Elle King

Every week, new statistics are released that show surging support for cannabis reform and tout the herb’s many medical benefits.

quit weed

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