There’s still a huge learning curve for consumers of edibles when it comes to dosage control – and an enjoyable, well-timed edible high.

edible high

Live in or plant to visit the Beaver State? These five dispensaries all have their own unique appeal. Here’s where to go to get the best herb in Oregon.

Oregon Dispensaries

Smugglers were caught with 4000 lbs of cannabis hidden in fake key limes coming across the US border from Mexico on a tractor trailer.


What’s the best thing to do while you’re high? Watch YouTube videos, of course! Here are 11 crazy videos to put on while you’re baked.

YouTube videos

When it snows, all kinds of characters come out to play. But no one expected to see a pot sasquatch, joyfully playing in the snow.

Pot Sasquatch

From a cup of Starbucks that will lift your spirits to a 4.2-pound melon you’ll want to bite into, here are 11 of the craziest joints you’ll ever see.

craziest joints

Multiple studies have been conducted over the years to determine if an individual’s driving ability may be impaired by cannabis use.


During the video by GQ, 2 Chainz and Dr. Dina smoke a joint covered in gold. That’s right, legit 24K gold, which happens to be edible. Watch here now!

expensive joint

From lube that provides out-of-this-world orgasms to toys that you can smoke and masturbate with, here are nine ways to have the ultimate sexy-weed time this Valentine’s Day.


A New Mexican organization wants to use the funds from cannabis sales to give pets homes, help patients access service animals, and reduce recidivism in the US criminal justice system.


From bringing you closer together to improving your sex like, here are ten reasons why couples who smoke weed together stay together.


In a mission to bring awareness about healthy living with cannabis, professional athletes have joined up with one CBD company to tell us why they #LoveCBD.


The New Zealand government’s much-hyped relaxation of cannabis laws is very disappointing for those desperate to access safe, affordable cannabis medicine.

New Zealand

Since urine is the most common method of testing, it’s important to know how long after you smoke cannabis THC will be found in your urine.


Denver coffee roaster, Sträva Coffee Company, has an infused line of coffee that is chock full of Cannabinoids, which is great for medical users.

Sträva Coffee Company

Surviving a weed tolerance break may seem impossible. But if you follow these five steps, you will most definitely succeed.

Weed Tolerance Break

Meadow is an easy way for patients to get a recommendation securely via telehealth, or video chat, then order cannabis from a local dispensary.


Check out this compilation video of both everyday Joe’s and even celebrities participating in game shows in which they must answer questions about pot.

Game Shows

If you have a weed-loving man in your life you want to spoil on this particular day, here are 11 Valentine’s gifts that will show him how much you care.


Watch this video to hear an epic story about the time Willie out smoked Snoop and then whipped his ass at dominoes.


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