These women are only some of the talent shaping the cannabis business sector. It’s a great way to kick off our new series, Women in Weed.

Stoners are known to be inventive with their fashion sense, forming apparel brands that speak to all walks of life, one standout being Humboldt Clothing.

humboldt clothing

Thanks to KFC and their new “Chizza,” you can finally enjoy an entire pie without having to avoid the crust because it’s made entirely of fried chicken.


Here are ten crazy homemade bongs to prove all weed smokers are engineers who can turn just about anything into a smokeable device.

Kentucky tobacco farmers have recently turned to hemp, transforming the Bluegrass state into one of the country’s greatest producers of the substance.

Kentucky tobacco farmers

Featured in the New York Times Sunday Review, Catherine Hiller’s new book “Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir” is essential reading for all cannabis enthusiasts.

Just Say Yes

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Before you think about running to your local florist for a dozen roses, consider a better option: a weed bouquet.

Weed Bouquet

A lady in Australia’s Northern Territory vented to her local police about the increase in the price of pot. The cops were, of course, happy to help.

Price Of Pot

A much-needed solution to the constant threat of losing Apple’s pricey new wireless headphones, the AirPods, is finally here.


Hoping to detox their hair for a hair follicle test? You should know that detoxing hair is a serious effort and can be extremely damaging to your hair.

hair follicle test

The families get high together by lighting joints and inhaling massive bong rips, and find out a little too much information about each other.


Thinking of buying synthetic urine? There are a lot of questionable fake pee products on the market. Here’s how to pick out the perfect one.

Synthetic Urine

Recent research has called into question whether hair follicle tests are actually accurate measurements of cannabis consumption.

Hair Follicle Tests Accurate

From types of strains to methods of consumption, it’s time to gear up for the intermediate-level of ganja mastery and test your weed knowledge.

Intermediate-level phrases

It’s true. Synthetic urine is legitimately a thing. Apparently, the phenomenon of using fake pee to pass a drug test is becoming significantly more popular.

Fake Pee

A key body within the Irish government is pushing for the country to provide funding for medical cannabis for long-term patients.


If you want to kiss the days of missing bud goodbye, then here is a step by step guide on how to train your dog to find lost weed.

dog to find lost weed

Oaksterdam University provides the kind of education that could help you create a million dollar company in the booming cannabis industry.

Oaksterdam University

NBA Hall of Fame legend Bill Walton was caught on live TV talking about something that didn’t really pertain to the NCAA, or to basketball in general.

Bill Walton

The LAPD forced the cancellation of BigMike’s Super Bowl Party yesterday. And while this is a disappointing blow, the outcome will be positive.


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