We’ve all had to find a new weed dealer over the years. Keep these six tips to in mind and play it safe on your next pick up.

Weed Dealer

These 5 states have the strictest cannabis laws. Is anything being done that indicates these states may be carving a new path forward?


The jury is still out on the effects of cannabis use on driving ability, but that hasn’t stopped states from implementing their own laws on it.

TokeToMe is a one-of-a-kind weed app that allows you to send anonymous and encrypted messages to cannabis fans in your area and around the world.

It’s a dilemma. You love smoking, but it’s not the healthiest habit in the world. What do you do? The makers of SilverStick have the perfect solution.


Curious about cannabis? Trying weed for the first time can be daunting. Like coffee or wine, enjoying its mind-altering effects is an acquired taste.

Sometimes, cannabis makes people a little uncomfortable. If that’s the case, here are a few tips for making yourself comfortable with the experience.

Cannabis High

Why should you care about celebrities that smoke weed? Because they are helping to prove that you can smoke weed and still go places in life.


All the new recreational cannabis initiatives that have recently passed has led many to wonder whether they will be allowed to smoke in public.


Many cannabis activists are wondering how Colorado-based federal appellate court judge Neil Gorsuch will approach cannabis issues, should he be confirmed.

Neil Gorsuch

The road to cannabis legalization has been long and arduous. But, while progress may be slow, the arc of the universe bends toward justice.

Wondering how long THC stays in your body? Everyone is different, but two decades of research give some educated answers to this question.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

High End Transportation is the luxury car service offering legal 420-friendly rides, all while taking special care of the local veteran community.

High End Transportation

The Oregon initiative aims to protect employees from losing their jobs over recreational cannabis use that takes place outside of the workplace.

recreational cannabis

You probably won’t have a hard time putting a smile on your lady’s face on Valentine’s Day. But in case you need some assistance, here’s our gift guide.

The new public service announcements will help guide Colorado toward safer cannabis use in 2017, for locals and tourists alike.

Safe Cannabis Use

Denver is racing to become the first U.S. city that will allow for cannabis clubs and public use in places that we all love.

Cannabis Clubs

The Dr. Dabber has released the limited edition Aurora Flight Pen vaporizer, and proceeds go to medical cannabis programs for vets.

Aurora Flight Pen

Have you ever wondered what causes cannabis tolerance? This study explains everything. The good news? It doesn’t take long for recovery to begin.

cannabis tolerance

From steak and ice cream to cotton candy fries, to century old eggs, here are 11 craziest things people eat when the munchies attack.


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