If you were obsessed with the Netflix documentary series, “Making A Murderer”, then brace yourselves for excellent news… Season two has been confirmed.


Many terms for weed are used improperly, so share this guide to beginner phrases with your first-timer friends so they get it right.

beginner phrases

In Doobious Sources, two stoned freelancers are caught up in the “fake news” cycle when one of their hot stories presses the buttons of a powerful man.

doobious sources

Blunts may be delicious, but they certainly are not the best way to keep your lungs healthy. Here’s what you need to know about their long-term use.

smoke weed

Everyone loves smoking out of an apple pipe, but will we soon be smoking out of Apple vapes? Judging by this patent, the answer is “yes”.


A new bill making its way through the Wyoming state government would create a series of new crimes around the use of drugs during pregnancy.


Before getting his start on a popular teen show, Drake took a few hits to help ease his mind and prepare for his life of stardom.


Social media networks have been censoring content and limiting the amount of cannabis related imagery and information. Not anymore, with 420LifeTV.


Senator Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, famously said that “good people don’t smoke weed”. This video from MEL magazine has other ideas.

Federal Intervention

Hoping to process 8 to 12 pounds of cannabis in an hour? This trimming machine from GreenBroz is revolutionizing cannabis cultivation businesses.


Are you a cannabis supporter in the UK? If so, there is now a special place where you can secretly and freely blaze – the Teesside Cannabis Club.

Teesside Cannabis Club

One of the most profitable companies in the world has its eyes set on taking on the likes of Netflix to create original content.


Will the new mobile game, Pokémon Duel, be as popular as Pokemon GO?

Pokémon Duel

Once Snoop began playing the uncensored version of “The Next Episode” at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition, everyone heard an earful of profanity.

NHL All-Star Skills Competition

Ordering a side of “extra crispy” fries has a whole other meaning at one particular Drive-Thru at a Burger King in New Hampshire.

Burger King

The Statistics Canada findings were a surprise to many police officers in the nation who still widely believe cannabis is rampant on the black market.


One family would stop at nothing to help their sick baby girl, including illegally obtaining cannabis oil to help calm her seizures brought on by epilepsy.


Yes, they both get you high, but consuming edibles is a completely different experience to smoking weed, for both newbies and veterans alike.

States throughout the country that voted to expand access to medical or recreational cannabis have seen delays to the implementation of their laws.


Practically the entire world knows that Snoop Dogg loves to smoke weed. But have you ever wondered how much he smokes a day?


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