A weed TV app can now sit next to Netflix and Hulu on your Roku device. Here’s how STONERR TV is turning cannabis into a household topic.

A judge has ruled that a teacher who sampled cannabis while visiting Colorado should not receive any administrative punishment.


No amount of lost revenue seems to distract these athletes and advocates from spreading the news on the potentially life-saving medicine that is cannabis.


An Oregon company is spearheading the cannabis tourism industry. Grow Condos, Inc. is opening a 420-friendly RV Park on Lake Selmac.

RV Park

A police department caused controversy this week when it posted a bag of weed to its Facebook page and dared people to come to the station to retrieve it.


After thousands of free DC-grown joints were given away at the #Trump420 protest, here’s a list of the top five dispensaries in the district.

Washington DC

If you love Drake (and sneakers) then you’re in for a real treat. This February, Drake’s new black OVO x Air Jordan 12s are released and up for grabs.


Do you want a joint with an extra kick? If so, then you should roll yourself a nice oil joint. Learn how to roll your own by watching this video.

oil joint

Can weed help calm dogs like it does people? A British hemp company is launching a CBD product for dogs, which is proving to be quite helpful.


Support for cannabis use by players in the NFL is surging. Is the NFLPA finally ready to stand up for marijuana use in the league?


The District 8 facility is mindful of its resource use in a variety of ways. Take a closer look at the unique methods used to run their cannabis operation.

District 8

Cannabis remains federally illegal, yet three of the country’s most lethal recreational substances are legal despite causing half a million deaths per year.

Deadliest Drugs

Seattle hasn’t given up. This city wants convenient cannabis. Now, Seattle will be a driving force behind a new push for legal weed delivery.

Washington State

Here’s how the Oregon Hub hopes to lead with as an all-encompassing cannabis research and production center, making Oregon a global cannabis leader.

Oregon Hub

Pearl Schomburg is a sufferer of chronic pain stemming from RSI and rheumatoid arthritis. She’s fighting for medical cannabis reform for herself and others.

Pearl Schomburg

If you have a thick carrot sitting inside the fridge, then why not put it to good use and make yourself a carrot chillum pipe.

carrot chillum pipe

Lynnette Shaw is one of the most experienced activists in the medical cannabis movement. And who mentored her? The legends Jack Herer and Dennis Peron.

Lynnette Shaw

What’s the best part of Amsterdam? The legal weed, of course, which is what Mariah and her crew had their eyes on while visiting the Bulldog coffee shop.


Do you love pizza? Want to win some cash? If so, you and your friends can attempt the giant pizza challenge and win a thousand bucks!

They’re chopsticks, Jim, but not as we know them… This Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set might be the best thing we’ve seen this week.

Enterprise Sushi Set

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