After receiving a call from the community, Detroit police made a massive cannabis bust. Watch the video to see yet another disappointing weed bust made.

Detroit Police Bust

There’s a brand new (and interestingly unique) resource on the web for cannabiz folks – a duet of websites 100% focused on the cannabis industry.

Curious about the effects of cannabis? To help introduce you to the herb, here’s what you can expect the first time you partake.


Humboldt Clothing Company wants to help you keep track of your lighter forever. Here’s the perfect accessory for the job the Humboldt Lighter Buddy.

Humboldt Lighter Buddy

Although doctors recommend surgery to improve her chances of living, Jessica Olson went for a different approach: cannabis oil.

Jessica Olson

World traveler and expert hashishin Frenchy Cannoli wants to teach you how to make truly exceptional hash. Here’s where to find him.

Watch this video to see Nick and Nate Diaz smoking a $2,000 UFC glove-shaped blunt. What will UFC have to say about this?

UFC Glove-Shaped Blunt

Border Patrol agents in Pharr, Texas seized 3,000 pounds of cannabis packaged to look like fresh watermelon, valued at over $600,000.


The inauguration weekend began with the swearing-in of President Trump and developed into one of the most politically charged periods in recent memory.


These tips from Leafbuyer offer some perfect ways to try every item on the dispensary shelves for the whole year and still save money.

save money

The fashion industry is embracing the herb and sending it walking down the runway. From models to actresses, weed is becoming the new black.


A groundbreaking new study has found that Americans spend a staggering $53.3 billion on both legal and illegal cannabis, with more growth projected.


According to crowd counting experts, the Women’s March in Washington was roughly three times the size of the audience at President Trump’s inauguration.

marched against trump

John Payne is Campaign Manager of New Approach Missouri, the group driving the legalization effort, and believes approval of the measure is within reach.

After all of the hype around the launch of the new Nintendo Switch, will it be able to compete with games coming from the app store?

nintendo switch

It’s no secret that cannabis can relieve anxiety. As it turns out, medical cannabis may also have a strong calming effect on your bundle of fur.

Creso Pharma

How do you tell separate the best vapes from the worst? We’ve put together the ultimate vape buyers guide, complete with some options.

After turning to Facebook to purchase her cannabis, this woman never received her weed and decided to call the cops to complain. Facepalm much?


It looks like the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) is finally hearing the public and its UFC fighters surrounding the benefits of medical cannabis.

Nick Diaz

How do you show kindness to the world? One luxury vaporizer company, The Kind Pen, has partnered with model Ana Montana to inspire Random Acts of KINDness.


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