Just when you thought he couldn’t get any worse, former pharma CEO Martin Shkreli was suspended from Twitter for being an aggressive creep.

Martin Shkreli

While filming an interview with the local news, Branden Petro alerted his mother that he was about to undergo a seizure, so she reached for his inhaler.

Branden Petro

The new CBS article featured Lance Crowder’s cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome diagnosis, and both readers and experts are highly critical of the report.

Lance Crowder

Cannabis continues to prove it’s miraculous healing powers time after time, this time helping free Bruno Delgadillo from his epilepsy.

Bruno Delgadillo

Mark Hamill has combined his talents as the Joker with his apparent disdain for the tweets of President-elect Donald Trump.


According to a Craigslist ad, you can get paid to deliver pot while cruising on your motorcycle in the beautiful San Fransisco bay area.


Israel has made another groundbreaking move in the cannabis scene. The country will be the first to offer an official academic course on medicinal cannabis.


Every day, articles confusing cannabis information is published all over the internet. But, how do you evaluate what is true and what is not?

Cannabis Research

MMA fighter Ian “The Hurricane” Heinisch is taking the amateur fighting scene by storm. His use of CBD is fueling his climb to the top of his game. 


As it turns out, Beyoncé will be the first women in ten years to headline Coachella. 2017 is off to a great start already!


Canada has 3,000 military veterans who use medical cannabis. Many have spoken out about how they feel at risk after a recent postal blunder.


“There was a moment where me and my friends found ourselves walking Fantasy Land, and there was a song that was playing coming out of the trees”.


Thanks to new government regulations, the world’s oldest cannabis coffee shop, Mellow Yellow, has been forced to close its doors.

Mellow Yellow

The Amazon Echo is always listening. Police are now taking advantage of this and want to listen to what yours hears in your home.

Amazon Echo

After telling the owner of La Dolce Vita pizzeria to add whatever topping he wanted, three police officers became quite ill.


Is a glowing, 1000 degree red-hot knife able to slice through an entire bottle of Coca-Cola? Watch this video to see for yourself.

Glowing Red-Hot Knife

Bloom Farms is working to give back to their Californian community by donating healthy meals to those in need all year long.

Bloom Farms

DC cannabis advocates plan to welcome the incoming Commander in Chief on his Inauguration Day by passing out thousands of joints.


No one loves weed as much as Snoop, except maybe Willie Nelson. Talk about a match made in musical heaven.

By rolling a revolver with blunts and joints, you get the best of both worlds. Watch this video to learn how to roll one.


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