No one loves weed as much as Snoop, except maybe Willie Nelson. Talk about a match made in musical heaven.

By rolling a revolver with blunts and joints, you get the best of both worlds. Watch this video to learn how to roll one.


AmeriCann says that their new facility in the Southeastern Massachusetts town of Freetown will measure over 1 million square feet.


Trenton police have turned the ‘Weedmobile’ to nothing more than a scrap of metal, and Weedman needs your help to replace it.


Tired of paying cash for your bud? The social media site CannaSOS is launching a revolutionary digital way to pay for 420 products, Perkscoin.


Artist and videographer Zach Fernandez of Pomona, California has fessed up about his motives behind the New Year’s Day “Hollyweed” sign swap.

Zach Fernandez

The new Nug Nation app offers a wide range of hilarious content that will keep you entertained throughout 2017.

Nug Nation app

It’s official. A new study has declared cannabis is an aphrodisiac. Well, in small amounts anyway. Viagra may have a new competitor.


Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher talks about the future of cannabis, and what to expect with Donald Trump as Commander in Chief.

Bill Maher

Several aspects of California’s cannabis economy will be affected by the passing of Prop 64 over the coming months and years.

cannabis economy

The cannabis community has lost a beloved breeder, activist, and educator. Franco Loja of Strain Hunters has passed away at the age of 42.

Franco Loja

Sen. Perry Clark (D) is speaking out and thinks that legalizing cannabis in Kentucky would mark an end to many of the lies surrounding the plant.


Do 200 push-ups, or go to jail? That’s an easy enough choice, and it was given to one Texas teen by Arlington police Officer Eric Ball last week.


From “Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base” to “FBI Simulator,” here are the eight best SNL sketches of 2016.

It’s official: the herb grinder market has just been disrupted. The ANAXY STAR will impress your friends – even before they see it in action.


2016 was a landmark in the history of cannabis policy in the United States. So what does 2017 hold for the cannabis industry?


The beauty of a vortex blunt is that anyone can roll one with a little practice. Watch this video by Green Clouds for a step-by-step guide.

vortex blunt

These seven US politicians who support cannabis legalization have introduced real legislation and directly engaged the cannabis industry.


If other people’s stupidity makes you giggle, then watch the 2016 Ultimate Fails Compilation for plenty of epic stupidity.


Educate yourself on some of our most pressing issues, from climate change to politics with the ten best documentaries of 2016.


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