Are you planning to focus on your health in 2017? These 10 canna-friendly products make achieving New Year’s resolutions even easier.


Looks like the residents of California are amped that recreational cannabis will be legal this year.

If you want to make the experience of getting high more magical than it already is, then consider exploring the world of smoking cannabis with lasers.


Tired of not being able to gobble down pizza like the wild animal that you are? If so, Domino’s is about to solve your problem with their new onesie.


The opioid epidemic made countless headlines in 2016. Will awareness about alternative options like cannabis prevail in the new year?

While there are no sure ways to pass a cannabis urinalysis without abstaining, there are a few things you can do to help yourself.

Drug Test

In the second installment of an ongoing series, entrepreneurs provide us with their most unusual stories about working in the cannabis space.


The Arizona Court of Appeals has ruled that the state’s medical cannabis patients who have been charged with a DUI may contest the charges against them.

It’s official: Nick Diaz is finally the face of weed. In fact, you can even smoke him. Check out this video to find out how.

Nick Diaz

A new report has found, among other things, that the rate of deaths from opioid overdose continues to climb across the country.


This absurd ruling is clearly an attempt to protect pharmaceutical companies, but that’s not the only reason this new law is complete and utter BS.


From skin moisturizers to makeup, here are ten cannabis beauty products that you need for a high and happy new year, new you in 2017.

Cannabis Beauty Products

Take 15% off any DankStop product until January 1st! Check out these seven bestsellers and treat yourself to a new piece.


If you have ever wondered what it’s like, or just need a good laugh, here are 21 high AF memes that perfectly sum up the experience of being super baked.

High AF

If your doctor is doing it, then… These 18 medical professionals medicate themselves and encourage it in their patients. They know weed is medicine!

The cannabis industry is growing fast. Here are 50 rising stars in the cannabis space in 2017. How many have you heard of?


The Hemp Industries Association “strongly disagrees with the DEA position” and is “ready to take action” if the DEA tries to declare CBD as Schedule 1.


A tedious and difficult application process tried to ensure only the most knowledgeable will be a part of the medical market in Maryland.


Featuring the ultra-intoxicated Jim Lahey, the Pilot episode straddles the line between ridiculousness and comedic brilliance.

Jim Lahey

The Rock Hall of Fame is for artists whose music impacts the lives of millions. Now, for the first time, a solo rap artist is being inducted into the hall.


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