Build rides, expand your park and make sure to keep track of your revenue and bottom line in what many claim as the best original tycoon game.

RollerCoaster Tycoon

Cannabis is a superfood, and in your DNA. So, why doesn’t every person have access to the healing herb? Check out this video from Minivanjack.


The conservative governor of Maine has called for the state to end its medical cannabis program, six weeks after legalizing recreational cannabis.


Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s recent foray into the mobile game market, and is shaping up to be one of the biggest Apple Store launches in history.

super mario run

Buddabox has teamed up with seedleSs and created the ultimate Star Wars fan must-have, the “Roll One” subscription box, with both 420 and 710 options.

"Roll One"

This Christmas, be sure to make spirits bright by sharing in a smoke session or two, and these glass pieces are the perfect thing to partake with.

Is there anything more festive than a gingerbread house pipe? Check out this video by Coral Reefer if you’re up for the challenge of making your very own.

gingerbread house pipe

From awkward family dinners to admiring all of the colorful lights, here are 21 reasons why you should smoke more wonderful weed at Christmas.


According to this couple, Santa was very, very good to them. But the pair stands to face some pretty serious charges, despite their creative explanations.

Whether you prefer taking smooth hits from a pipe or huge tokes from a bong, this video reveals plenty of foods that you can transform to suit your needs.


All you need is some tin foil and a pair of scissors to create your own origami ashtray. Watch how in this video by Master Bong.

origami ashtray

Whakamana Cannabis Museum is one of the most talked about tourist attractions in the most idyllic destination in the world, New Zealand.

New Zealand

Governor Eddie Calvo (R) expressed on Facebook his interest in legalizing recreational cannabis and cutting government bureaucracy around medical cannabis.


Belita Nelson, a former DEA spokesperson has opened up, saying that officials know cannabis is safe, but keep it illegal for financial reasons.

cannabis couriers

Check out this video to see what were the five craziest fast food items of all time (that you’ve probably forgotten about).

Fast Food

According to Duterte, his decision to continue “abusing the drug” led to his doctor to counsel him to cease from using it going forward.


One of East Coast ganjapreneur found his calling in the cannabis space by creating the Bud + Breakfast, a home away from home for his guests.

Bud + Breakfast

A Pfizer experiment has made its way into the world of synthetic weed with a drug 85 times more potent than the natural herb that turns people into zombies.


How would you like to win one of the finest vaporizers on the market? Namaste Vapes are giving you the chance to win a PAX 3.

Namaste Vapes

During the holiday season, we’re all looking for ways to give great gifts to others, but also to ourselves. These money-saving tips will help you do both!


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