From Bugs Bunny to the beloved Snoop Dogg, chances are you’ll see at least one familiar face getting high AF in this video.

high AF

Bernie Sanders has joined a bipartisan group of senators to lobby the federal government for looser banking regulations made by financial institutions.

Banking Regulations

The Task Force wanted to avoid having the varying ages throughout the provinces and has recommended that the age limit should be set at 18 nationwide.

task force

Four cannabis entrepreneurs tell of the most unusual customers they have encountered from their time working in the industry.

Cannabis Entrepreneurs

In order to keep your sanity while your relatives are in town, here’s a list of 420-friendly shows you can binge watch this ‘holidaze’ season.

420-friendly shows

President Obama has commuted the sentence of Paul Free, who is serving a Life Without Parole sentence for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense.

paul free

New Zealand’s government took its resistance to new levels by attempting to shut down one of the only legal pathways for cannabis access.


During the new year, three well-known hip-hop figures will star in The Simpsons first-ever hour-long special: Snoop Dogg, Common, and RZA.


Whether it’s a fish or pooch that owns your heart, these cannabis-friendly presents will fill any animal with joy without getting them high.


After a three-year hiatus spent creating soundtracks to David Fincher’s Gone Girl, Nine Inch Nails will return with new music in 2016.

New Nine Inch Nails

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s decision may be met with a lawsuit if certain cannabis industry players decide to pursue the issue.


Portland cannabis lovers may soon have delivery bud! The Portland City Council approved a measure permitting delivery services.


This year two special names are competing for Reddit’s ‘Greatest Secret Santa’ title: Snoop Dogg and Bill Gates, and competition is fierce!

Secret Santa

Just after everyone thought 2017 would be Canada’s year…

If you have been longing for your very own plant, but don’t have the time grow, be sure to check out this video to learn how the Seedo can help you.

CBD oil is helping to save this young boy from Northern Ireland. Through the help of his home community, he’ll likely be cured of his epileptic seizures.

epileptic seizures

Blowing past 2015’s total sales of just under 1 billion dollars, these sales show a rising demand for medical and recreational cannabis.


If you’re looking to add a one-of-a-kind monumental pair of shoes to your collection, then check out the Adidas 3D Runner.

3D Runner

Chinese tourists have reportedly been traveling to North Korea to stock up on bulk shipments of cannabis, which is legal for cultivation, use, and sale.

North Korea

From the release of his line of cannabis products, Leafs By Snoop, to him dissing Kanye on Instagram, Snoop has kept everyone sane this year.


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