Cannabis can greatly help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, but what happens when it’s not available? What can help with anxiety relief?

Anxiety Relief

Kushy Punch makes delicious cannabis-infused gummies, and have taken it upon themselves to support specific causes that align with their communities.

Kushy Punch

These vans aim to help the public in Tasmania understand cannabis by encouraging them to talk about the many uses and benefits of the plant.

There may be a new trend in veterinary medicine: pet prescriptions for medical cannabis. Would you give your pet cannabis?

Pet Prescriptions

The best way to spread holidaze cheer is with the gift of cannabis… and great accessories. Here’s our collection of the best products for you.

Literary nerds everywhere rejoice! You may soon be able to follow in Hunter S. Thompson’s footsteps and smoke his “Gonzo” weed.


With a rock solid plot and excellent acting, Green is Gold took home the Best Fiction Feature Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Green Is Gold

Election Day saw eight more states further relax their cannabis laws. But some are talking about going one step further and decriminalizing weed.


Washington state has long been a leader in progressive and forward-thinking causes. This is especially true regarding cannabis policy.

Washington State

The sale of legal recreational cannabis has provided an economic boost to multiple struggling or uninhabited rural communities throughout the United States.

Rural Communities

Are you tired of late-night trips to the store for more papers, or must-have cookies and chips? If so, have no fear because goPuff is here.


Cannabis pioneer Tommy Chong’s company is joining forces with leading artisanal chocolate maker, Défoncé Chocolatier, to craft bespoke chocolate bars.

Défoncé Chocolatier

The Kind Pen DREAM is a sleek and gorgeous portable vaporizer for concentrates; perfect for the cannaseur who loves to stand out and be swagged out.

Kind Pen DREAM

Hmbldt vaporizing pens, the devices that deliver health and happiness, are shining brightly on’s “25 Best Inventions of 2016.”


Denver recently hosted a rip-roaring cannabis celebration in honor of Tommy Chong and his Chong’s Choice cannabis brand launch in Colorado.

Tommy Chong

Smoking a joint or eating an edible might not be possible if not for the vigilant efforts of one of the pinnacle cannabis activists of all time, Jack Herer.

Jack Herer

An online report from compiles a list of the world’s countries with the most severe drug laws for illicit substance abuse.

Drug Laws

Which is better, LED or high-pressure sodium? Kind LED is busting these 5 myths about grow lights to help you grow the optimum yield.

Kind LED

Partnering with a cannabis producer on the East Coast stays true to the humble beginning of the famous show, the Trailer Park Boys.

Trailer Park Boys

The Good Chemistry motto is “the power is in the flower”. Now, CEO Matthew Huron and the rest of the team are taking their powerful ethos to Nevada.

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