Federal raids of cannabis facilities complying with cannabis laws have renewed anxieties that prohibition-style cannabis crackdowns will continue.

Prohibition-Style Cannabis Crackdown

If you’re looking to heal your ink quicker and with less pain, here are six cannabis-infused tattoo products to keep your ink looking brand-spanking-new.

Cannabis-Infused Tattoo Products

Matthew Little would probably still be alive today if he’d just been allowed to ride the bus. He smelled like weed, so Kitsap Transit wouldn’t let him.

Matthew Little

Police caught Rocco outside of his London home, and mum Madonna says Rocco’s arrest for possession is a family matter, but she is now speaking out.

Rocco Ritchie

Ready to get your rig on? DankStop’s 17% Off Cyber Monday Sale means that you can save big on your favorite rigs. Don’t miss out!


Cannabis growers aren’t the only ones making bank in the industry. Labeling and packaging businesses are turning green into gold.

gold will make your dreams come true, and all you have to do is follow a few simple rules to enter for your chance to win a pound of weed.


After discovering areas of abuse, the Canadian government might be closer to finding a solution to the rising costs of medical cannabis supplied to vets.


If you want to feast your eyes on some serious talent when it comes to ganja rolling, check out these ten best blunt and joint rollers on Instagram.

Joint Rollers

Consuming cannabis in California won’t land you in jail, but your boss can decide to fire you over it. Prop 64 has an unfortunate conservative downside.


These Thanksgiving-inspired glass pieces will blend perfectly with their surroundings and turn the day into a wonderful Danksgiving celebration.


Former NFL Quarterback Jake Plummer is combining his passion for football and cannabis to create what could be 2016’s premier CBD research fundraiser.

Jake Plummer

During the American Music Awards, Green Day sang their new song, “Bang Bang,” with a twist specifically for Trump and his supporters.

Green Day

The 2016 Cannabist Awards took place in Las Vegas, and strive to recognize the leaders in a multitude of subcategories in the American cannabis industry.

Cannabist Awards

Snoop Dogg says what everyone was thinking while watching Kanye’s onstage meltdown at his recent show in Sacramento. Check out the video.

Kanye's Onstage Meltdown

Have you heard of any of these awesome innovations in the rolling paper market? Whether you find that these are just novelties or you love them, is all up to you.

Rolling Papers

After almost a decade behind bars, Schapelle Corby is finally returning to the Gold Coast in May. Watch the video to see what she’s doing until then.

Schapelle Corby

President-Elect Trump has installed both hope and despair in cannabis activists, many of whom are now worried about cannabis legalization.

President-Elect Trump

Unfortunately, without proper research, we can’t fully understand the pros and cons of medical marijuana and all we’re left with are unanswered questions.

medical marijuana

Leafbuyer can help recreational and medical customers save green on green, and that means bigger and better cannabis deals for you.

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