Unfortunately, without proper research, we can’t fully understand the pros and cons of medical marijuana and all we’re left with are unanswered questions.

medical marijuana

Leafbuyer can help recreational and medical customers save green on green, and that means bigger and better cannabis deals for you.

What happens when the occasional pot package comes through the mail? According to a new report, postal workers may be scoring some free weed.

postal workers

Tammy Levent refused traditional treatments for her breast cancer, made the decision to rely solely on cannabis oil, and is now cancer free.

Tammy Levent

Now, people in Colorado can consume Chong-approved cannabis with the Rocky Mountain debut of his new cannabis brand, Chong’s Choice.

Chong’s Choice

I love Bob Marley and tie-dye as much as the next stoner. But we need to drop the age-old cannabis imagery and prepare for the future with a new design.

Dr. Mechoulam was a keynote speaker a recent medical cannabis conference in Denver, which aimed to further what we know about cannabis medicine.

Dr. Mechoulam

A federal law banning gun sales to individuals who use illegal drugs is causing confusion and anger among cannabis users.


Just in time for the holidays, the Air Jordan 31 and Air Jordan 11 kicks from Space Jam will be hitting stores on December 3rd.

Air Jordan

There’s so much competition to work in the cannabis industry, so help yourself stand out from the crowd with help from the Trichome Institute.

Trichome Institute

From Vietnam veterans to mothers with sick children, you wouldn’t expect them to use medical cannabis. But they do and have to do so illegally.

north carolina

Jared Mirsky has worked in the cannabis industry for over eight years and perfected the packaging and branding of any cannabis product thrown his way.

Even the state with the most lenient cannabis laws sees its fair share of issues. Governor John Hickenlooper is demanding Colorado’s are fixed.

gray market

One of the most prominent alcohol production companies in the United States is open to developing a new line of cannabis-infused alcoholic drinks.

Cannabis-Infused Alcoholic Drinks

Watching state after state pass cannabis legalization on Election Day made Steve Elliott excited, and also reflective on Washington state’s own laws.

Each state stands to make tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue from the sale of cannabis, but laws differ on how the extra money will be allocated.

Extra Tax Money

Nothing beats smoking on some dank ganja, especially with your pals. However, like most anything, there are a few no-nos when it comes to a smoke sesh.

smoke sesh

Dr. Huhana Hickey has been cleared by a high-ranking government official to receive experimental medical cannabis treatment for multiple sclerosis.

New Zealand

The OGs of Cannabis is a new series that spotlights the founders of the weed movement in the past 40 years. First up, the godfather of weed, Dennis Peron.

Dennis Peron

One of the biggest victories of the election was the amendment to the Florida laws that allows for the extended use of medical cannabis.


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