A new Harvey West studio is filming a talk show, To Put It Bluntly, that focuses on two of the best things on this planet: women and weed.

To Put It Bluntly

Medicinal Genomics is creating a new registry of cannabis strains on the Bitcoin blockchain, making the cannabis space exponentially more sophisticated.

Bitcoin blockchain

The upcoming election is just days away and many states are preparing to vote on the important issue of legalizing cannabis


A series of late-night robocalls, encouraging residents to vote against the expansion of medical cannabis access, have angered Florida voters.

Drug-Free Florida Committee

Ronnie Gough was born a healthy baby. Little did his family know that just two years later, Ronnie’s life would change significantly.

Ronnie Gough

Much like the history of the American cowboy and his era of the open range and the great cattle drives, entrepreneurs are searching for better grass.

Have you heard of the bliss gene? Some people have a genetic variation that makes them less anxious than others. Are you one of the lucky few?

Bliss Gene

From decreasing the amount of poverty to allowing Native Americans to return to their old roots of using plant-based medicines, hemp is the answer.

Native Americans

If snapping selfies and capturing photos of beautiful buds is your specialty, you’re going to love the newest smartphone, the Kodak Ektra.

Kodak Ektra

The government of Australia has allowed for the legal cultivation of medical cannabis, enabling fledgling cannabis growers to apply for grow licenses.


Despite the illegal nature of cannabis in her country, this woman says thanks to Prince Charles she will continue to grow her medication.

Prince Charles

One family in Cape Coral wants everyone to vote “yes” on Amendment 2 to help their nine-year-old son, Gavin Lawery who suffers from Mitochondrial disease.

Gavin Lawery

Here’s a bunch of the best weed Snapchats accounts that all you cannabis lovers out there should be following.

Best Weed Snapchat

As a result of a artist James Landgraf creating a Starbucks-resembling cup bong, he must repay over $500,000 to the coffee company.

James Landgraf

In this video by Human Rights Watch, watch how lives and families are destroyed every 25 seconds in the US because of backward thinking policies.

Every 25 Seconds

Trying to find strains with specific levels of THC or CBD? What about strains that are good for arthritis or anxiety? Find them with CannaSOS.


In keeping with its historical nature, in 2015 Washington, D.C. legalized the cultivation, possession, and use of recreational cannabis.

Washington, D.C

Both supporting and opposing stakeholders of Proposition 64 are fighting hard to win votes. Given the polarity of opinions, who can you trust?

Proposition 64

The first full-fledged dispensary in Alaska, the most recent state to legalize cannabis sale and use, opened to a crowd of customers and well-wishers.


This pumpkin oil rig from Master Bong and Fox Don Roxy is sure to elevate any Halloween celebration to new heights.

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