The first full-fledged dispensary in Alaska, the most recent state to legalize cannabis sale and use, opened to a crowd of customers and well-wishers.


This pumpkin oil rig from Master Bong and Fox Don Roxy is sure to elevate any Halloween celebration to new heights.

A little over two years ago, this teenager was facing a blood cancer scare from Crohn’s medications. Now, he has put his disease into remission.


420 Doctors, get a MMJ Card today! From San Jose to Los Angeles, see a medical marijuana doctor online now for your 420 evaluations.

Doctors in San Jose, Los Angeles

MasterBong is back at it again with another creative way to smoke cannabis. This time, he simply uses the hollow chips called Takis.


These techniques will next-level your apple pipe game and are sure to make you the genius of your next smoking circle.

Apple Pipe

It’s no myth that every once in a while, even the most seasoned herb consumers can be struck by dreaded cannabis anxiety.

Cannabis Anxiety

Are you running low on funds this month? If so, Ally Bank is scattering 100 lucky pennies worth $1,000 each all across the US.

Lucky Pennies

As far as legalized recreational cannabis is concerned, Colorado is seen by both activists and enthusiasts as the Promised Land.

Recreational Cannabis

Aside from the use of cannabis dating back centuries, there are quite a few ways to get high that date back even further.


These Halloween-inspired ghoulish glass pieces will delight any Halloween-obsessed cannabis lovers and are sure to resurrect a few spirits.

Happy Halloween

Meadow, and their delivery service,, lets you get all your favorite cannabis products delivered to your door in under an hour.


There’s nothing better than settling in with your favorite weed to watch some classic weed comedies. Can you name all of the ones in our quiz?

Classic Weed Comedies

As Election 2016 mercifully reaches its conclusion, the outcome is becoming clear: Hillary Clinton looks set to be the next Commander-in-Chief.


Watch as Krishna enters an underground cannabis oil lab for free distribution for people in the UK.

Legendary rapper 2Pac is on the ballot of nominees for the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.


A natural alternative to Xanax is giving patients relief from their panic attacks, without the harsh side effects of chemical prescriptions.

Xanax Replacement

If you’re ready to put your creativity to the test, it’s time to watch this video by Master Bong and make your very own flashlight pipe/steamroller.

flashlight pipe/steamroller

Many cannabis-lovers fear the day cannabis becomes a commercial agricultural good. Fortunately, this tribunal is fighting hard for agricultural reform.


Rhode Island, while enjoying its status as the smallest state in the union, is nonetheless slowly but surely building a future with medical cannabis.

Rhode Island

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