No matter what, California growers face serious water reform. But, critics of Prop. 64 argue that recreational cannabis laws are unsustainable anyway.


These two police forces have quietly experimented with decriminalized drugs since April. Unsurprisingly, it’s working quite well.

Decriminalized Drugs

On Jimmy Kimmel Live’s ‘Mean Tweets’ President Obama reads mean, but funny, tweets about him. There’s even a special message from Donald Trump.

Twitter Roast

Bayer and Monsanto have merged, forming one of the largest agricultural companies in the world. Is this a threat to cannabis?


Now, the world has the first-ever cannabis inhaler that goes by the name of Vapen Clear, and there’s nothing like it.

vapen clear

Are hemp-based CBD oils actually legal? Here’s a rundown on the complicated laws that have caused a boom in CBD products, and what makes CBD legal.

cbd legal

Bringing a product to market takes creativity and determination. Christina Bellman, Founder of LEVO, talks about the next evolution in home infusion.

Christina Bellman

After learning that Calvin Wright grew the 57 cannabis plants for his sick mother, Liverpool Crown Court spared him of jail time.

Calvin Wright

A lot of investors have already established themselves in America, so many are now looking at different opportunities around the world.


76-year-old twin brothers, John and Robert Cunnan, have been working the land, producing high-quality cannabis for medical consumers for decades.

twin brothers

The Empire state, New York, has adopted a limited yet real medical cannabis program that offers aid to many people fighting debilitating medical conditions.

New York

America’s first recreational cannabis market is continuing to produce strains with higher than average THC potency.

THC Potency

Buzzfeed’s High Guys get the surprise of their lives when they meet Snoop Dogg.

If cannabis can stop seizures in humans, can it treat epilepsy in dogs? Pot for pets is on the rise, and for good reason, too.

Pot For Pooches

Wiz Khalifa embraced the paparazzi and passed out samples of Khalifa Kush, because Wiz never goes anywhere without enough for everyone.


The length of time required to begin feeling elevated,and the duration of the potency of the high, vary in a big way between edibles vs. smoked cannabis.

edibles vs. smoked cannabis

This new series will explore what conditions qualify for medical cannabis across America. Ohio Gov. John Kasich passed Ohio’s medical cannabis law in June.

Ohio's Medical Cannabis Law

While there are claims that support both, a new debate is being battled to decided whether the effects of cannabis or alcohol induce greater creativity.


Vaping lets us advance the wonderful effects of cannabis, recreationally and medicinally. Now concentrates have taken a big leap forward with the Firefly2.


After struggling with sales recently, the classic video game brand is betting all its chips on it’s newest and most original console, the Switch.


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