There’s nothing more relaxing than kicking back, turning on some tunes, and lighting up. Music, like cannabis, will soothe your soul.

musical instruments

There’s seemingly no end to the controversy surrounding California’s Prop 64, the state’s ballot initiative to legalize recreational cannabis.

prop 64

These dispensaries have brought high design to the cannabis industry. These sleek and stylish locations are raising the bar for cannabis shops nationwide.


If you’re thinking, “I want to read some credible online reviews of dispensaries near me,” then you need to check out

Why are California’s pot farmers concerned about, and oppose Prop 64, the latest effort to legalize adult use cannabis? Should everyone be worried?

Prop 64

From rainbow spaghetti to puffy pink couches, the Unicorn Café is every 90s Lisa Frank-loving baby’s dream come true.

Unicorn Cafe

As folks who know how to fight for a cause, some special sea creatures need our help. Devocean are helping start the conversation about conservation.

What do you get when you challenge a bunch of gamers to cultivate marijuana online? Pot Farm: Grass Roots, the largest cannabis community on earth.

Pot Farm: Grass Roots

In another segment of Clueless Gamer, Conan O’Brien invites Wiz Khalifa to get high and play Gears of War 4, then eats an entire bowl of potato salad.

As the cannabis market becomes one of the largest in the economy, companies like Apple, Google and Bose are losing executives to the booming industry.

big business

Turkey just legalized cannabis production. Meanwhile, Israel is expanding its medical cannabis programs as well. Will the West be next?


Set your fast food dial to chill, and turn your McDonald’s into your very own McBong.


If you didn’t catch the newest Adidas commercial, it’s time to take a seat and pay attention.


A group of current and former NFL players have started a group that wants to end the pharmaceutical addictions associated with life after football.

NFL Players

Billionaire Richard Branson thinks cannabis entrepreneurs are doing it right. Here’s what he said at the recent New West Summit.

new west summit

Growing indoors means providing light. But the best LED grow lights are changing the game for many growers, and here’s why.


Why is home infusion either complicated or limited to one thing? Why can’t a home machine do it all? Now the LEVO is doing just that.

Weed can help you end a long day right, but also helps get it started. The Coffee Mug Pipe is one of 5 ways you can start your day perfectly.

Check out the video of police discovering a grow-op inside of a house in England after a tip-off from an anonymous snitch.

This Vietnam veteran had to choose between medical cannabis and a liver transplant. Here’s why she chose the herb over the operation.

Liver Transplant

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