From cotton mouth bubble gum to THC bubble bath, companies continue to surprise us with weed-inspired products that we never imagined existing.

Weed-Inspired Products

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis, fitness lovers can greatly benefit from these infused products before and after a strenuous workout.


Psychoactive cannabis plants were just discovered in a prehistoric Chinese tomb. 2,500 years ago, Silk Road residents and travelers liked to get high.

silk road

Spilling weed is a nightmare, and people tend to say and do some pretty funny and random things when they drop their bud.

spilling weed

Being that Justin Beiber has millions of fans, partnering with medical cannabis advocates may help push the issue forward.

Justin Bieber

Vans are famous for releasing retro themes. From high tops to old skool, these nostalgic Toy Story kicks are about to be in every 90s kid’s closet.

People have strong opinions about GMOs these days. But what about a GMO yeast that produces THC?


It once took a horse tranquilizer to revive this girl from seizure. Now, cannabis oil has given Mia Wilkinson her life back.

Mia Wilkinson

By using some innovative building blocks, this couple was able to create a unique and environmentally friendly hemp house to call home.

Hemp House

From giant bongs to Cheech and Chong, cannabis enthusiasts like to trick-or-treat their way. Here are 15 awesome cannabis Halloween costumes.

Halloween Costumes

During the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Whoopi Goldberg discussed the current issues surrounding painful periods, and what she’s doing to help.

Whoopi Goldberg

A 16-year-old teen just stomped all over claims made by a leading anti-cannabis crusader.

Cannabis Debate

From pot-leaf printed Vans to Star Wars grinders, dudes can show their love for the herb just as well as the ladies.


Most cannabis consumers know how to keep their treats safe. Apparently, anti-cannabis crusader Kevin Sabet lacks this skill.

Kevin Sabet

Some of your local dispensaries have a great sense of humor, as these dispensary signs prove.

Dispensary Signs

What could possibly go wrong when a man tries to smoke a Carolina Reaper, the spiciest chilli pepper in the world?


With a lack of federally funded research, Connecticut urges its hospitals, universities, and cannabis producers to step up their scientific game.


Show your compassion, love, and support for Breast Cancer Awareness this month with these adorable pink pot leaf products.

Breast Cancer Awareness

What does a Cannabis Sommelier do, anyway? How do you become one? Here’s the scoop on the growing trade of cannabis connoisseurship.

Cannabis Sommelier

As part of the effort to get out and vote,, the online cannabis portal, is offering someone a chance to win free weed for a year!

Win Free Weed

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