It’s not every day that spiders get ahold of some herb. Watch this little guy spin an entire joint in his web.


From joint earrings to weed couch pillows, you can support legalizing pot in a feminine way with these cannabis accessories.

Cannabis Accessories

Is your face mask just not doing what you want? If you’re ready to transform your skin, it’s time to give yourself a cannabis facial.

Cannabis Facials

From rocking pot leaf t-shirts to stepping out into the public eye lighting up, some stars don’t care who knows about their love for Mary Jane.


This Nevada-based First Nation tribe is officially the first in the state to enter the medical cannabis space in this episode of Weediquette.

Pot Powwow

PenSimple is a cool new gadget that will solve many problems you might be having with your current herb consumption experience.

Most of you probably know the addictive qualities of some video games, but to ignore food and water to stay on the screen is on a whole other level.

Video Games

Weed smokers are known for their creativity and engineering skills, and sometimes it can lead to creating some truly odd looking homemade bongs.

Homemade Bongs

Damian Marley might just take the prize of most successful celebrity cannabis crossover if he keeps going the way he is right now.

Damian Marley

That’s nearly One Billion Dollars spent in the past decade, leading to a surge in both prescriptions and deaths at the hands of Big Pharma.

Big Pharma

What’s better than herb on Halloween? Check out our five favorite horror movies and the coolest prop ever seen.

Coffee Mug Pipe

Margot Robbie rocked cannabis leaves on her Alexander Wang dress during the premiere of Saturday Night Live.

Margot Robbie

Cannabis helped young girl Jilli Harmon with her intractable epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and chronic pain. Now her mom is fighting for more reform.

Jilli Harmon

Cotton vagina is exactly what it sounds like, cotton mouth but in your lady bits. Does consuming the herb actually dry you out?

Cotton Vagina

Sooner or later, these hilarious, yet aggravating, cliches will vanish. But until then, let’s continue to laugh them off, shall we?


Charlo Greene, the legendary ex-reporter that quit her job on live television, may be facing 54+ years in prison.

Charlo Greene

Canada is going through some major cannabis reform. But, what will the new recreational laws mean for medical consumers? This home-grower has some concerns.

Canadian Cannabis Reform

Matthew Little has been banned from public transit for 6 months, simply because he smelled like his medicine while riding the bus.

Matthew Little

Although some celebrities prefer we don’t know, others just don’t care what we think. Here are 10 of our fave celebs getting high on camera.


Turns out, a few moments of bliss may equal a long-term increase in stress. Here’s what a new study says about MDMA consumers.


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