The plant of peace might just get a militarized make-over. Introducing non-violent, weaponized THC.


This Radiation Oncologist witnessed one of his patients go through a horrible ordeal. Now, he advocates for medical cannabis.


Lindsay Bunn Rodgers nearly had an organ removed. Here’s how cannabis oil healed this woman’s thyroid disease and inoperable mass.

Lindsay Bunn Rodgers

From guzzling human feces to popping pills that make you orgasm when you yawn, these ways of getting high will make you clench your bowl a little tighter.

getting high

Vending machines are one of life’s little pleasures that are often overlooked. These vending machines offer everything we could ever need.

Vending Machines

Clinton vs Trump. How do they stack up on cannabis front? Here’s how the two major candidates are talking about cannabis reform.

trump vs clinton

Puff, Porn… Porn? Weed porn is quickly becoming one of the most popular searches on this major porn website.

weed porn

Have you noticed that you snack more when you’re sleep deprived? The endocannabinoid system might be the culprit behind sleep munchies.

Sleep Munchies

Humans have come up with the weirdest theories about drugs that are both medicinal and ritualistic. Here are five bizarre beliefs about drugs from history.


First of all, the plant we smoke is female. Second, ladies everywhere are demanding their voices be heard when speaking against the war on drugs.


Jay-Z is helping to open our eyes to the radically unjust system we’re all dealing with when it comes to the war on drugs.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about his bonding experiences off-set. Specifically, his time spent smoking weed with director Oliver Stone.

joseph gordon-levitt

It’s not every day that you hear of students and teachers scoring weed together. However, a student and his teacher in Bronx, New York did just that.


The iconic image has been recreated to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nirvana’s album, but with some noticeable differences.

Nirvana Baby

Watch first hand the huge impact that cannabis oil can have on people suffering the devastating effects of Parkison’s Disease.

Parkison's Disease

We know there are so many more, but these 15 rap songs will get you in the mood to smoke and chill anytime.

Underneath the private planes and parties, celebs are just normal people. And normal people love weed. Do you know which celebs have been busted for weed?


Legendary cultivator Swami shows us how to roll a “Swami Special” joint with an eighth of cannabis. He also shares a few of his favorite joint hacks. It’s awesome.

swami special

Can you name all of these classic weed movies? Take our quiz to find out.

weed movies

Ethan Nadelmann, founder and executive director of Drug Policy Alliance, talks about what the future of cannabis in California means to the world.

Ethan Nadelmann

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