Can you name all of these classic weed movies? Take our quiz to find out.

weed movies

Ethan Nadelmann, founder and executive director of Drug Policy Alliance, talks about what the future of cannabis in California means to the world.

Ethan Nadelmann

One of the hottest topics in Japan is cannabis cultivation. Now they have their first-ever cannabis mascot character, Asamiko-Chan, the Hemp Shrine Maiden.


The verdict of Bridget Kirouac’s case is a clear sign that public perception of cannabis is indeed shifting: the plant is medicine.

Bridget Kirouac

Eben Britton claims he was stoned during some of his best games in the NFL. Was he reckless, or self-medicating to avoid prescription painkillers?

Eben Britton

In India, both yoga and cannabis are revered as sacred and treated with the extreme respect; it’s no wonder the two are so perfect together.


Wiz loves weed. You love weed. But do you love Wiz’s weed songs? Take our quiz and find out!

Weed Songs

While he was out for a pizza delivery, this Domino’s driver decided he needed to show off a little more than he could handle.

Domino's Driver

Mr. Grey is taking cannabis and the high-end art world by storm with his ultra-expensive, ultra-exclusive bong art shows.

Mr. Grey

Because there haven’t been enough creepy clown sightings happening around the country already…

Creepy Clowns

Peanut had no idea that “special” baked goods exist. But he sure did find out by eating a weed cookie because life is chill.


Not only did CBD oil change the lives of everyone in the Santiago family, it did it faster than anyone could have ever imagined.

Kalel Santiago

For years, Brad has spoken about using ganja, but is it fair to put the blame on cannabis for him and Angelina’s divorce?

One of the most tragic parts of smoking cannabis with strict parents… Watch this clip of one poor guy losing his stash.


Defense Secretary Ash Carter is tired of losing out on talent because of outdated marijuana policies. Watch what he has to say.

Defense Secretary

An investigation into sexual assault in the Emerald Triangle found a culture of silence. The California Growers Association calls for reform.

sexual assault

Cannabis has transformed from a spirited, rebellious herb to an elite commodity. Here’s a super brief history of cannabis cultural evolution.


Massachusetts has been a pioneer for other eastern states making moves to end prohibition. Now, it’s up to Massachusetts to answer YES to Question 4.


I think it’s time for customs to take a toke and relax with the cannabis related enforcement, and I’m sure Charlo Greene does, too.

Charlo Greene

Keeping your herb love low-key is hard when you have to buy supplies in public. Daily High Club are here to make your life easier.

Dollar High Club

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