Not only do these ladies inspire and educate us, they also empower us. Here are the ten most influential women in the cannabis industry.

influential women

Highly Devoted Coaching offers cannabis users the right tools to get everything they want out of life and love

Highly Devoted

Stan Rutner was given just weeks to live. Three years later, he’s still alive and kicking. All thanks to the power of cannabis oil.

Stan Rutner

Swami Chaitayna of Swami Selects speaks to us about the State of Marijuana, Prop 64, and the future of cannabis.

Swami Chaitayna

Originality is the key factor in this list, so be prepared to be inspired by these genius engineers!


Arizona will be voting on legalization this November, it just took them a while to get here. No biggie.


From floral dab jars to pot leaf graphic tees, there are accessories to match the personality of every weed-loving lady out there.

The UBC is putting cannabis to the test as a treatment for PTSD, the first clinical trial for medical marijuana and mental health in the world.

Mental Health

Find out what really caused the feud behind some of the most iconic rap battles in hip-hop history.

hip hop

A major pharma company just donated $500,000 to keep weed illegal in Arizona. A little digging shows that they admit the herb reduces their drug profits.


For fans of Pokemon Go, this news could be a great excuse to get started in Nintendo’s realm of portable gaming.


From increasing intimacy to making men last longer in bed, pot can bring the spark back into your relationship.

seedleSs has stood for decades as a pinnacle of “High Society”, and now you can enjoy their BuddaBox full of amazing goodies!


Need to take a cannabis break but hate the stress? Here’s a safe way to cope, thanks to 1Hour Break.

Some products are just better for women rather than men. Here are ten cannabis products that are just for all you Mary Jane’s out there.


Your first experience with a dab can shape how you view the activity for a lifetime. Here’s how to properly introduce a newbie to cannabis concentrates.


The HERB shop is officially open for business! Check out some of our favorites so you can let the world know your love of HERB!

herb shop

The most wonderful aspect of legalization comes in the form of those magic words, “sale”. Here’s why deals on dank are bringing in the bacon.

Michael Phelps proves he’s more than just an Olympic gold medalist during the latest All-Star episode of Lip Sync Battle.

Lip Sync Battle

We all know Snoop is the King of Cannabis, but the Dogg Father actually has some pretty solid reasons to love herb.


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