With live cannabis plants on deck and leaders and elected officials discussing regulations, the State of Marijuana can’t be missed.

Marlboro Marijuana, is it real? Some believe this mysterious product will be available in recreational states sometime in the future.

Marlboro Marijuana

Patients in Tampa Bay finally have some relief. The region’s first medical cannabis clinic is now open for business for a wide range of conditions.


An Australian man is risking jail time to treat his ailing 4-year-old daughter, who has had thousands of seizures in her short life.


Turns out, college students these days do fewer drugs than their parents. Students are putting down the pills and picking up some herb.

College Students

From combating dry skin to soothing sore muscles, you’ll want to give these 10 amazing cannabis-infused moisturisers a try.

Cannabis-Infused Moisturisers

Panda bears are officially off the endangered species list, a real win for the planet. We’re celebrating with some panda-inspired knowledge… and glass.


Khalifa Kush, the notorious indica strain, is set to be available nationwide. Will it become one of the greatest top-shelf Kush products out there?

Khalifa Kush

The Game is branching out from his successful rap career and hoping to spread the wealth in his new partnership with The Reserve.

The Game

Watch Marc Emery’s response in an interview to a recent police incident at Cannabis Culture… initiated by his own landlord.

cannabis culture

A major focus of the study is to measure the safety and efficacy of using cannabis to treat the symptoms of chronic PTSD.


With such a momentous measure pending, it is worth examining the ways in which the passage of the measure would change California’s cannabis landscape.

In a story that reeks of power abuse, how does one sell cannabis while arresting people for it at the same time? Turns out, all you need is a badge.


Cannabis’s image is ever evolving over time, and a majority of the thanks can go to the women in the industry, like Brittany Confer.

Brittany Confer

This man got much more than he bargained for when he purchased what he thought would be a simple IKEA chair.

IKEA Chair

Clinton is learning to handle her ailments in humorous ways, as she dismisses a recent coughing fit with a quick cannabis joke.

If you want to win over $500 in amazing goodies from the best cannabis subscription box in the business, you need to go to BuddaBox.


Is big cannabis right around the corner? Here’s how mega tech companies and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley are getting involved.

Silicon Valley

Melissa Etheridge is now joining the cannabis community with her Etheridge Farms line of products, that will focus on health and wellness.

Melissa Etheridge

Author, activist, and High Times lifer David Bienenstock shares his views on cannabis with us in this exclusive interview.

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