Melissa Etheridge is now joining the cannabis community with her Etheridge Farms line of products, that will focus on health and wellness.

Melissa Etheridge

Author, activist, and High Times lifer David Bienenstock shares his views on cannabis with us in this exclusive interview.

Parents face a lot of flack when they come out as cannabis consumers. Here are the top 10 canna-parenting myths debunked.


A man serves 21 years in prison for minor cannabis crimes. Meanwhile, a convicted rapist is freed after 90 days. That, my friends, is justice in America.

Jeff Mizanskey

Step up your shoe game in NBA2K17 with all new 3D scanned shoes. Which of these awesome shoes will you be rocking on your 2K MyCareer?


Krishna Andavolou is back with the second season of VICE’s “Weediquette”, and reveals how badly Kansas punish so-called stoned parents that use cannabis.

Stoned Parents

Maine is certainly no stranger to cannabis. Medical cannabis has been legal in the state since 1999, so it’s only about time they legalize recreational use.


When it comes to making that initial new vape purchase, here is a breakdown of what you need to know to get the most out of your experience.

New Vape

If crossing international borders are on the agenda, do yourself a favor and become extremely familiar with these horrifying marijuana laws.

Horrifying Marijuana Laws

This magpie was looking to catch a free buzz when it swooped down and stole a joint right from this man’s porch.


For the more hands-on smokers, we’ve got an awesome weekend woodworking project that should entice any wooden pipe enthusiast.

Wooden Pipe

The NACCPP, or Neighborhood Approved Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program would see the end of social cannabis segregation in Denver this November.


D.S. & FITZ want anyone with a medical condition which can be treated with cannabis to participate in a study that aims to examine medical cannabis use.


Irony? A cop gets arrested after stealing weed and money from the station. Whoever he busted with it must be laughing their ass off right now.


Police had seized almost 900 mature plants from the bunker back in 2013, and the results of Robinson’s trial have just come to light.


This guy was on his way to the cannabis friendly state of Washington when the US border officer noticed something different about one of his money bags.

Baby boomers are drinking more than ever. But, can access to cannabis decrease death rates? Here’s the scoop on how alcohol kills and cannabis heals.

Baby Boomers

A look at the numbers indicates that the Trump campaign is in dire straits — and it may already be too late for it to be saved.


This week, we look into the conflict between landlords and their tenants, selling guns to cannabis users, and decriminalizing in the state of Pennsylvania.


For the first time in the history of the Oregon state fair, cannabis is on display for judges to decide which will go home with a blue ribbon.

State Fair

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