For beginner smokers, bongs can seem a little intimidating. If you’ve been wondering how to smoke a bong, we’ve got you covered.


Want to get ripped without leaving the comfort of your couch? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You can do these simple exercises in between bowls.


It seems like you can’t go anywhere without bumping into some Superhero memorabilia. These pieces will have your Spidey Senses tingling.


Want better night vision? Try cannabis! Turns out, it’s a natural vision enhancer.

See Better

The Nug Nation has just released their latest episode, “The Debate”, featuring Hillary and Donald battle it out until Bernie gets his revenge.

Nug Nation

While city officials looks to decriminalize possession, cops crack down on Walmart weed grow.


Come November, registered voters in Nevada will have the option to vote on ‘Question 2’ in a decision to legalize cannabis for recreational use.


Law enforcement is working harder than ever to end illegal operations in America. The raids are resulting in some pretty insane weed busts.

Weed Busts

Brendan Hill is in the Washington green scene; only he wants to make your weed buying experience more high class at Paper & Leaf.

Paper & Leaf

Presidential hopeful Gary Johnson isn’t staying quiet about his pro-cannabis beliefs and how he knows they’ll change America for the better.

Gary Johnson

With the addition of skateboarding to the 2020 Olympic games, the Olympics are sure to command a broader audience. Will it be half pipe’s and halved pipes?


Hopefully, the man will be able to afford a good enough lawyer that should be able to keep his record clean.

Weed Smoke

With blunt in hand, Nate Diaz and Snoop Dogg take celebrations to a new level. What could Nate Diaz possibly have to celebrate- gotta be the chronic!

Nate Diaz

From Whoopi’s line of menstrual relief products to the glamorous AnnaBis bags to hide your stash, ladies love weed now more than ever.

What would you do? Set these amazing examples of weed art on display or on fire? Could you resist temptation? It’s a tough call.

Weed Art

HERB exclusive interview: Steve DeAngelo, keynote speaker at the State of marijuana, talks to us about California, AUMA, the DEA and more.

Steve DeAngelo

Jesse Ventura, the man, the myth, the legend, talks truth about the DEA, cannabis, and gives us an insight into his new book.

Jesse Ventura

Kyle Kushman is an author, activist, educator, Cannabis Cups winner, inventor of famous strains, and has a strong opinion on legalization.

Kyle Kushman

Unfortunately for Nate, there are more factors at play than just this one-time occurrence of openly vaping CBD oil at last Saturday’s press conference.

Nate Diaz Suspension

Can you imagine being outside on a sunny day and suddenly you see a flying pizza? Me either, but it’s happening.


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