Choosing cannabis over alcohol is gaining ground with those tired of hangovers. Anthony Bourdain even touts the herb as a cure for what ails you.

Hangover Cure

Somebody, please smack these stupid people! Viral video shows lousy parents hotboxing child.

The latest news on the Arizona’s initiative, Washington’s new research plan, and some insight on Senator Harry Reid and his opinion on cannabis.

prop 205

The 3 main Presidential Nominees, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson offer divergent paths forward on cannabis policy.

Presidential Nominees

Take a break from the standard glass or acrylic pipe and try one of these Himalayan Sea Salt pipes for a unique high and added health benefits.

Himalayan Sea Salt Pipes

These pieces might appear to be glowing, but they’re not. Slyme is the new type of glass that’s changing the market and producing some truly unique works of art.


Always remember to keep your stash hidden away from parents prying eyes.

Cannabis keeps earning praise for positive mental and physical wellbeing. Where did this lazy stoner stereotype come from, anyway?


If Nate Diaz was smoking cannabidiol (CBD) in his post-fight interview, then he is at risk of being penalized by the UFC’s anti-doping agency.

Nate Diaz

The idea of escaping persecution, of getting out of the trap of the War on Drugs, is a pleasurable idea. This guy is either a mad genius, or just plain mad.


Could this KFC sunscreen be one of the most ridiculous (and delicious) attempts at advertising you’ve ever seen? Shut up and take my money.

KFC Sunscreen

Across the UK, people are realizing cannabis isn’t a danger. Surprisingly, so are the police, as arrests and citations have dropped sharply.

low key legal

Have you ever wondered what all those drugs in movies are really made out of? Apparently, fake cocaine isn’t much healthier than the real stuff.

Fake Cocaine

When it comes to synthetic drugs, just be smart and stay away. Not only are they more expensive than the real thing, they could cost you your life.

synthetic drugs

If you as a cannabis entrepreneur have not contributed to the activism required to free the plant, then you don’t deserve to profit from the boom.

Cannabis Entrepreneur

The Cannabis industry generates more than $50B annually, so It’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are rushing into this space with green on their minds.

Cannabis Industry

In California, the legalization of cannabis has been on the radar for quite some time, with most residents more than ready to call their home a legal state.

marijuana recommendation

The Clinton’s said what?! Bad Lip Service perfectly synced the politicians’ mouths with some hilarious words. These impersonations are as epic as they come.


Long before the invention of the lighter, people used a piece of straw or a stick to light their pipes, so why not switch to all natural products?

Natural Products

Calling all Veterans! The Veterans For Compassionate Care need you to help make a difference and help save your fellow soldiers.

Veterans For Compassionate Care

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