Long before the invention of the lighter, people used a piece of straw or a stick to light their pipes, so why not switch to all natural products?

Natural Products

Calling all Veterans! The Veterans For Compassionate Care need you to help make a difference and help save your fellow soldiers.

Veterans For Compassionate Care

The State of Marijuana is the cannabis event of the year, and you need to be there. Check this out for a 20% discount on event tickets.

State of Marijuana

This week, official Debbie Downer update, Arizona’s standstill, and what’s been going on for the past three years in Maryland.

Want to get a great rig and still have money left over for weed? Here are 10 high-quality pieces that won’t break the bank.

What better way to recover from a Conor McGregor beat down than with a CBD vape pen? Check out Nate Diaz’ post-UFC 202 interview.

nate diaz

Indeed, a continuation of one of our favorite films, “The Big Lebowski”, is in the works. That’s right, the man in purple is back.

South African rap sensation Die Antwoord has candy. Cannabis-infused candy. And they are going to share it with the world.

Die Antwoord

Time to get your 710 on with the limited edition a Tokémon themed subscription box from Buddaox! Shut up and take my money.


We often shy away from doing things because we know they would push us outside of our safe space. Lovelution attest to the magic music is able to create.


As cannabis becomes more widely accepted, it’s appearing in more and more mainstream markets, even Hollywood and the entertainment industry.


Harness your purchasing power and save time, money, and frustration shopping dispensaries. Here’s how to maximize your dispensary weed.

dispensary weed

An overly-curious dad in Omaha couldn’t resist four chocolatey backseat brownies. He found out the hard way that this way a bad idea.

Backseat Brownies

Vaping for flavor and effect? Here’s why using the optimum vaping temperature is critical to your smoking success.

Optimum Vaping Temperature

Seth Rogen’s latest movie, Sausage Party, was so ‘hairy’ that to get around the censors, it had to go through a final trim. Literally.

Sausage Party

If you are searching for reasons to smoke more weed, look no further. These reasons to smoke more weed are sure to inspire a few (extra) bong rips.

At the Shambhala Music Festival this year, some herbal gardening enthusiasts decided to spread the love with some homegrown flair.

Shambhala Music Festival

From a shit-ton of weed to the beautiful ladies rolling it up, you can’t say no to an invite to Big Mike’s Marijuana Mansion parties.

Marijuana Mansion

Wow! Now you can vape with your smartphone anytime, anywhere, and no one has to know, thanks to the technology behind the new VQ.


New vaping technology continues to evolve and offers a true cannasseur experience, from an increased high to making a personalised style statement.


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