You need to be a detective to find a doctor for cannabis in this state. Why have lawmakers made things so difficult for residents in Georgia?


Retired NFL legend Leonard Marshall is the latest former professional athlete to invest in the industry in preparation for cannabis legalization.

Leonard Marshall

The bamboo bong is the perfect weekend project for creative people who’d like a new rig that was photosynthetically grown, just like your cannabis.

bamboo bong

Chris Christie has it in for cannabis users. Legislators in New Jersey have approved cannabis for PTSD. But it probably won’t happen.

Chris Christie

Where is weed legal? Good question. Here is the latest roundup of where in the world cannabis is legal, as best as could be found.

where is weed legal

Athletes smoking weed has been permitted by the Olympic committee. But we have to know – who is going to be the dealer in the Olympic Village this year?

Athletes Smoking Weed

Are you a veteran with PTSD? This new cannabis study wants you to try weed for relief. We have the details of how you can get involved.

Cannabis Study

Cannabis lovers can rejoice. Check out our guide to help you create your perfect weed-themed bedroom, like your own cannabis sanctuary.

weed-themed bedroom

Check out the guy who drilled 3 different holes in his skull to try and manipulate the way he could stay high forever. It’s a pretty out-there experiment.

Stay High Forever

The rescheduling signals coming from the Drug Enforcement Administration have remained mixed, at best. Maybe don’t get your hopes up.


The power of hemp products can offer a helping hand to detoxify your home, and create a safe and toxin-free home environment.

Detoxify Your Home

Apple is removing the bullets. As it turns out, we will soon see something much more PC in place of the controversial pistol emoji.

Pistol Emoji

Rap legend Snoop Dogg found out for himself Howz It Mizzade on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and man, his reaction is priceless.

Howz It Mizzade

This glassblower took the concept of making smoking technology smaller to an incredible level. Check out the world’s smallest working bong.

smallest working bong

In a world dominated by the “pale, stale, and male”, Olivia Montgomery is fighting for legal cannabis and a place in local government.

Olivia Montgomery

Smoking weed for the first time? Welcome to the club! Here is everything you need to get started the right way.

Cotton candy, carnival rides, and now cannabis? This is possibly the coolest State Fair in history.

State Fair

Too tipsy to drive for a late night treat? This walk-thru in the UK has your munchies covered.


From clearing those pestering breakouts to smoothing up even the dryest of scalps, there are plenty of reasons to make cannabis part of your beauty routine.

Is cannabis helpful or harmful to pets? Why some pets need veterinary care after eating the herb while others thrive with medical cannabis?


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