Get your bong ready and grab your controller because Sonic the Hedgehog is coming back and yeah, it’s still awesome.

sonic the hedgehog

Get inspired with this National Geographic photo contest winners for 2016! It’s a beautiful world out there.

Derrick Morgan, of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, is now the only active player to speak out about the league’s cannabis policy. The time for change is now!


If you haven’t had an edible before, or if you’re at expert level, remember these 5 edibles tips to keep your experience a joyful one.

Edibles Tips

Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries on the planet and a great place to score some green… if you have the green to spend.

costa rica

Home delivered weed is now a thing in Florida. Here’s what happened.

Home Delivered Weed

These amazing works of #MarijuanaArt with leave you breathless, and not just because they’re smokeable.


Have to speak in front of a crowd? Suffering fro public speaking anxiety? Cannabis can be your secret weapon to confidence.

public speaking anxiety

With their 20th season on the way, South Park is celebrating with all-new adventures a new logo, and an all-new video game.

south park

Congratulations to the latest winners of one of the most prestigious awards the world of concentrates has to offer, the Concentrates Cup.

Check out the discount that could make you upgrade to the newest generation of gaming consoles, the Xbox One S.

xbox one s

In a Donald Trump administration, an Att. General Chris Christie could force a shutdown of all recreational cannabis operations made legal under state law.

Donald Trump

According to the stats, the number of vets that have committed suicide since 2008 has almost eclipsed the total number of killed in the entire Vietnam War.

Saving Veterans From Suicide

Are you a get-up and go kinda smoker, or are you couch-locked? Maybe you don’t care what you’re doing so long as you’re eating. Take our quiz and find out.

Cannabis Enthusiast

Lil Wayne stormed off stage at the High Times gig. Let’s face it, bright lights burn out the fastest, and maybe this burnout simply can’t keep his mic up.

lil wayne

Did you know that both sexes experience cannabis in different ways? Turns out, THC and your hormones interact quite a bit.

weed affects men & women differently

From prisons to pot, towns in California are changing their revenue streams and utilising facilities already available to them. Like an abandoned prison.

Abandoned Prison

There’s nothing better than sharing a little herb with your boo. Here are 10 reasons why cannabis will take your relationship to the next level.


VaporPuff? GigglyHigh? You gotta check out the new cannabis creatures coming out in the weed version of Pokemón GO, Gangaman GO.

Ganjaman GO

Cannabis activists are the pioneers who helped paved the way for the cannabis movement and continue to fight for legalization and justice.

Cannabis Activists

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