No, it wasn’t Justin Bieber’s plane. A recent British Airways flight had to make an unscheduled landing smelling like weed.

Emergency Landing

One Colorado town water supply is in crisis over contaminated water. How did THC end up in the pipes?

colorado town water supply

Come November, us Americans will be voting on a new president, and yes, we are scared shitless. Let’s start looking at cannabis law reform.

cannabis law reform

Check out how to craft one of the simplest water pipes from a basic plastic bottle, the classic Gatorade bong.

Gatorade Bong

Check out the first vendor to allow the sales of cannabis at the Enchanted Forest festival, this weekend July 22-24 in California.

Enchanted Forest festival

Over the last two weeks, the Pokémon Go craze has taken over our lives. Even Buzzfeed’s High Guys got in on the action to be the highest trainer.

high guys pokemon

It’s my birthday soon and I wanted to help you all celebrate ME, by offering you the top 5 weed tech gadgets on my birthday wish list. You’re welcome!

weed tech gadgets

Uruguay legalized cannabis country-wide in 2012. Now, the country is finally ready for their first legal harvest. But will it be easy to buy?

Uruguay legalized

Burgerland, the place where dreams can come true. Which delicious neighborhood would you live in, Pickleton, Cheeseissippi or Baconopolis?


Meet Avery Collins, professional endurance athlete, ultra runner, ultra cyclist, Iron Man and, you guessed it, cannabis enthusiast.

Avery Collins

Could the humble carrot pipe be the best smokable vegetable?

carrot pipe

These simple techniques will come in handy the next time you find yourself in a situation that feels a little too intense, and left you a little too high.


Check out the drama surrounding BMG Music Publishing and the rights of lyrics from the anticipated Tupac movie, “All Eyez on Me”.

Tupac movie

If you’re having a bad day, stop what you’re doing and watch this. I promise the fearless honey badger will turn it around in a matter of seconds.

honey badger

Theresa May is not known for her open-mindedness on drug policy. Will her backward stance on decriminalization continue as she leads the country?

Theresa May

Lack of government control and newness increases the appeal to buy cannabis with bitcoins, especially the younger, tech-savvy generation.


Solvent-based concentrates are dangerous. So why is California allowing the people that are seeking medicine to consume possibly dangerous dabs?

solvent-based concentrates

These cops do the same thing we love to do, find weed and light it up. Check out these pics of cops burning illegal weed.

illegal weed

These lawyers created a music video to help residents understand their rights during a roadside stop, and avoid the wrath of the unjust war on drugs.


Prepare to actually die when you see these 10 levels of high, as described by dog photos.

dog photos

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