Get into the summertime vibes with this 100% Hawaiian bong, made entirely of a locally grown pineapple by the legendary Master Bong.


Get ready to fall in love with a new series! Disjointed, a new cannabis comedy is coming to Netflix. There shall be a way to chill, and it is good!


Want to work with cannabis, but not sure what job you’d be best suited for? Take our quiz and find out what the perfect job in the weed industry is for you.

weed industry

Until now, we have had to use innuendos to get our message across. Tommy Chong, the pioneer of stoner culture, has now developed authentic weed emojis.

Weed Emojis

The best pipe is the one that you can take with you everywhere discreetly. Make the ultimate on-hand smoking device, a paracord pipe bracelet.

Paracord pipe bracelet

Are your parents in some serious need of a little herbal therapy? Hopefully, these tips and tricks will get your family to chill out and try some herb.

Parents Smoke Weed

It turns out, one tribe of ancient people might have started it all. Were members of this ancient culture the original weed dealers?

weed dealers

Why would a law like the 1939 Cancer Act ever be passed, preventing the dissemination of potentially life-saving information and therapies?

1939 Cancer Act

Make yourself some epic homemade smoking hardware with a Slurpee Cup. Have yourself a refreshing slurpee, then have a refreshing hit!

Slurpee Cup

The state’s Department of Revenue released its report on Wednesday, and turns out Colorado weed sales are HUGE!

colorado weed sales

Cannabis enthusiasts are ready to pack their bags and tour these beautiful weed destinations and bud-friendly states.

weed destinations

Some stars have managed to enjoy a high publicly and peacefully, but some aren’t so lucky. These celebs were busted smoking weed overseas.

busted smoking weed

Portugal made history last week when they won their first European Cup championship. This is not the nation’s first international milestone.


Here’s how you can get cheap tickets to be the hottest event of the season,the High Times Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup.

Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup

Never thought you could smoke over 100 different ways? Guess again.

The abundance of initiatives that will appear on the ballot in November has some observers concerned about confusion and disorganization.


Are you going to grow at home? These 7 easy grow steps will help you do it right, for big yields, whatever your level of expertise.


The test taking process can often be harder than the material itself. Can cannabis relieve test anxiety?

Test anxiety

If you must pop pills, pop kief pills, into your pipe that is! Learn how to make a personal kief press at home for pennies!

kief press

Whether you’re wondering how to hinder a high or locate a medical marijuana doctor, we’ve answered the top ten cannabis googled weed questions.

Googled Weed Questions

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