Want to bring your thoughts into Canada’s cannabis regulatory platform? Then we highly recommend voicing your concerns in this survey.

Honestly, you won’t believe where Police discovered this massive illegal grow.

Most Insane Grow Place

Do online bud shots and oil closeups make you melt? Then maybe you need to change careers. This guy shoots pics of weed for a living and loves it.

weed porn

The difference between a stick figure and the Mona Lisa is all about detail. That is why these smoking glass figurines take the prize.

Fantastic Figurines

During Sunday night’s new episode of Celebrity Family Feud, Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and Snoop Dogg went head-to-head, battling for control of the game.

Sugar Ray Leonard

Bora Bora, the best island in the world. What better place than this isolated island paradise to blaze and enjoy absolute Nirvana?

bora bora

Cannabis as a medicine is breaking down barriers. Can WWF help make cannabis a real alternative for athletes?

Pokémon Go is driving fans wild! There is excitement, fun, and even danger. If you don’t watch where you are going, that is.

Pokémon Go

Have you ever been caught with weed by your parents? Did they throw it away? This guy was so mad at his dad he did the unthinkable!

dad burnt weed

Hey look at that! These ballsy fellas hot boxed the London Eye and weren’t afraid to be seen.

london eye

The final episode of Weediquette takes a look at famous cities like Washington DC that have incomplete or “half-baked” cannabis laws.

Washington DC

“‘Ricky Williams Takes The High Road” is the new Sports Illustrated film that chronicles his success in the cannabis industry.

ricky williams

The biggest event of the summer is only 2 weeks away! The High Times Cannabis Cup is almost upon us. You’d better be ready.

concentrates cup

I just fell in love with this man. He has uncovered the best way to cool off and spark up simultaneously ever imagined. Move over ice bong. This is summertime sweetness.


Is Tony Stark hanging up the helmet? There might be a new Iron Man, and he is… a 15-year-old girl?

Iron Man

‘High Maintenance’ have been waiting for months to catch a sneak peek of the revamped show and can finally breathe easy. It’s still genius.

high maintenance

Check out the video of local police burning piles of illegal weed in a commercial area. All was well until the plumes of smoke went off course.

illegal weed

Luckily, there are smoke-free alternative ways to consume cannabis for those who prefer to stay smokeless.


Seniors and cannabis are a perfect match. Give your grandparents the best medicine money can buy, weed.

seniors and cannabis

Many celebrities and people in the cannabis culture swear that blunts are the most enjoyable way to smoke cannabis.


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