Seniors and cannabis are a perfect match. Give your grandparents the best medicine money can buy, weed.

seniors and cannabis

Many celebrities and people in the cannabis culture swear that blunts are the most enjoyable way to smoke cannabis.


Normally things like these 10 craziest drugs throw up a big caution sign, but not for everyone. Don’t try these at home.

One of our favorite sultry sirens, Rihanna has put her voice to work on the upcoming Star Trek movie. But that isn’t what has us geeking out.

star trek

Word is that Michael Phelps might be sharing his secret to success with the world.

michael phelps

Get ready to paint the town…blue? A new hue is here, so blue it makes your eyes blink twice.

Cannabis lovers around the globe have to get creative when it comes to growing weed without detection. Check out these epic stealth grow places.

stealth grow

To maximize the most out of every summer day, make sure you’re never caught out! Stock up on these 15 summer essentials every cannabis lover needs.

Summer Essentials

Russ Hudson has a job that most of us only dream of. He gets paid to smoke weed. Check out the video to see how he manages to live the dream.

Russ Hudson

When you need to have clean pee in a hurry, you might be willing to try almost anything. This video separates myth from fact.

clean pee

Forget those cigarette stores with the dirty back shelves, get your ganja gear straight from Amazon! You would be surprised what they have.


Why not take your love of Mary Jane and express it in this perfect way? Here’s how to roll a heart shaped joint that will make everyone love your skills.

Heart Shaped Joint

Owls are one of the wisest of all animals. And we all know that cannabis consumers are wise, too. These glass hooters are the perfect combination!


You might want to make cannabis use a dating prerequisite as a new survey confirms people who love weed make the best lovers.

We have ‘proof’ content for alcohol and Scoville units for pepper hotness. It is high time we developed a standard unit to know how high we are.

how high

The numbers are in. Where does your state come in for most cannabis consumption?


Watch the master at work! Redman shows us how to roll a blunt right with Blunt Rolling 101.


Yes, weed is the most popular recreational substance in the world, at least behind socially legal ones like alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. How do you like yours?

consume cannabis

The moment Snoop fans have all been waiting for has finally come, the release of his newest album Coolaid, the first rap album he’s released in five years.


Check out a local Jamaican story that could be the beginnings of a grand conspiracy surrounding the death of Bob Marley!

bob marley

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