We all know The Dogg Father is king of the cannabis world, enjoying some of the finest strains this planet has to offer. And everyone knows a good king needs a strong queen.

dogg father

Weed lover and entrepreneur Berner shows us how to roll like a pro, and not get busted.


The DEA is expected to make a decision any day now. The FDA gave their recommendation on the matter last year, but why the secrecy?


Police didn’t need fancy equipment to bust this grow. A little birdy told them about it.


You need to stop what you’re doing and watch this epic tune from the Suicide Squad, it’s loaded with even more big names than the movie.

suicide squad

Whether people want to admit it or not, being high has led us to stumble upon some pretty amazing stuff over the centuries.

Television’s new favorite duo, Snoop and Martha Stewart, gear up for ABC’s revival of the $100,000 Pyramid. Priceless!


Don’t miss out on the ultimate cannabis event of the summer, the first ever Oil & Art Exhibition: HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup.

You need to see this hilarious video from the genius Nug Nation guys to see Redman as an animated herb, and interviewed by the unstoppable Bong Burgandy.

Bong Burgandy

How do you get the delicious kief that lodges between the teeth of your grinder, sticks to the walls, and is generally a pain in the butt to get out?

Twenty-something cannabis enthusiasts need to knock these 10 ways to smoke weed off the list before hitting the big 3-0h.


The Democratic National Committee just endorsed cannabis legalization. With Hilary likely to come into power, times are certainly changing.

There are certain innate human rights that are born into each one of us. They can be denied, but they cannot be taken away because they were never given.

human rights

When it comes to breast health, the fabric you wear matters. Here’s how organic hemp bras can keep your girls happy and thriving.

hemp bras

One man sees the issue of growing food for trips to Mars as a problem that might be solved by cannabis.


Is Barbados going to follow Jamaica in decriminalizing marijuana? Why is their most outspoken proponent the Minister of Education?


Tired of coughing your lungs out trying to keep up with the pro-hitters? Here are 9 secrets of how to own a bong rip from the Iron Lung masters.

bong rip

A whole gram in one minute sounds pretty intense. Josh from StrainCentral shows us how it’s done.


The best thing to do with your kief? Roll a joint out of it! Watch as this guy turns kief into a rolling skin and creates a perfect kief joint.

kief joint

Oh, Kanye, always prepared with the groundbreaking, controversial material. His new video for the tune “Famous” is no exception.


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