When a regular joint just won’t get you blazed enough, get some higher altitude with an airplane joint.

airplane joint

The creation of cannabis clubs is an attempt to solve the burgeoning problem of city residents illicitly using the substance in public places.

cannabis clubs

Many parents have gone above and beyond to comfort their children with cancer. Josh Marshall took this responsibility to new heights.

Drunk dialing is so ten years ago. If you really want to embarrass yourself today, you have to THC text. With screenshot technology, the laughs can last forever.

With so many options now to buy cannabis, how can you find out where to get the best deal without wasting a full tank of gas? Now there is an answer.


Even for the most experienced cannabis consumers, the process of getting medicated happens in stages. We’ve narrowed it down, do you associate with any?


Want a job in the cannabis industry? Why not work for one of the most famous names in weed, Willie Nelson? He’s looking for good people, right now!

willie nelson

Tired of porting portions in precarious packaging? Behold the ultimate feedbag for freestyle food frivolity, the Portable Pizza Pocket.

Pizza pocket

Those of us who enjoy a little herbal refreshment now and then know there’s getting high, and then there’s getting super high.

super high

As a cop, it’s important to set a good example. However, there’s always one guy that ruins. How did these officers receive their badge in the first place?

What happens when the taste buds of one culture collide with the snacks of another? A grab bag of experimentation and hilarity ensues.


Over the years, cannabis enthusiasts have developed some pretty unique, and downright insane, ways to catch a buzz.


The smell of smoke is one of the biggest concerns when trying to keep your cannabis use low-key. But how do get that herbal aroma out?

Want to have the best cone joint rolling skills in your group? Then learn how to fine tune your rolling skills with this quick video on cone joints.

cone joint

Cannabis lovers come from all walks of life, each with their own tastes. Get a bit of everything with Touch of Glass: Variety Pack.

Out-of-state customers could only purchase a quarter of the limit of local customers, but that has officially changed. Road trip anyone?

Watch the trailer here for All Eyez on Me, the Tupac movie about his life. Named after his biggest album, it’s scheduled to be released on November 11.

tupac movie

Here’s why the top five arguments against legalization are just plain wrong.

There was a cop busted growing weed (I love saying that, by the way), and after a very unusual investigation, the story only gets better.

Cop Busted Growing Weed

Atlantic City thinks that their financial problems could be solved with the legalization of recreational cannabis. Does the city have hope for a rebound?

atlantic city

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