There was a cop busted growing weed (I love saying that, by the way), and after a very unusual investigation, the story only gets better.

Cop Busted Growing Weed

Atlantic City thinks that their financial problems could be solved with the legalization of recreational cannabis. Does the city have hope for a rebound?

atlantic city

In Mary Janes, you get an inside scoop on all the opportunities that women have in the cannabis industry as Krishna visits female-run businesses and farms.

mary janes

These are the rules we should all be living by. Be sure to commit to memory these ten rules for wake and bake.

Show that special man you care this Father’s Day with 10 amazing hemp and cannabis-themed gifts that will put a smile on any man’s face.

Watch in horror as one idiot takes everything we have worked so hard for and turns it into a viral joke.

toddler smoking joint

Have you ever been high and come up with the best idea ever? These “Stoner Inventions” were conceived while high, actually made and are totally awesome.

Stoner Inventions

Portugal may have decriminalized all drugs, but if you go to buy herb, you have to know where to go. Knowing the local terminology will help you immensely.


Dr. Dina has enacted a new plan, Freedom Grow, to help free prisoners of weed (POWs), and cannabis enthusiasts everywhere can help.

freedom grow

Dabstars, the biggest name in concentrates, has come together with the best subscription box on the planet to bring you a 710Box like no other.


These legal highs are gross, dumb, and dangerous. You won’t believe what people are using to get high.

get high

Why do we have to meet legalization laws and regulations halfway? As citizens, this is why we have to demand cannabis legalization.

Demand Cannabis Legalization

If larger productions are in favor, many jobs and potential tourism proceeds will be lost and the black market will continue to flourish.

We’ve already given you ten great reasons to smoke more cannabis, but we’re not done yet. As if we needed any extra excuses to spark up.

Love Weed

Dispensaries that have a weed vending machine will allow registered customers to pre-order items on the Jane app and pick them up.

weed vending machine

The difference between a dispensary experience you love and one that you will never visit again can be a combination of a lot of factors.

While talking with Jimmy Fallon, Nick Jonas revealed a shocking story about his experience presenting at the Young Hollywood Awards.

Tales from Tinder – A glimpse into what happens when your right swipe matches you with a budtender: Denver edition.

B-Real and Snoop Dogg together in one of the most entertaining hot-boxes of all time. Only one man has out smoked Snoop. Can you guess who it is?

Would you face jail time and go on hunger strike to stand up for what you believe in? This grandmother did.

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