The story may seem to be just about a great night at a Bowie concert in 1978, but at the end, Edison comes back to the book’s theme.

The survey found a substantial majority of voters to be supportive of the legalization of medical cannabis, particularly when it comes to veterans.

When it comes to legalization, there are plenty of reasons that activists can supply. The only ones that count, however, are the ones that politicians embrace.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2016 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup! Their hard work and competitive spirit have resulted in some amazing products.

Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup

Buzzfeed’s High Guys take on a new challenge this week, and the stakes are higher than ever.

This video of an officer tasing a teenager into a coma will leave you sick to your stomach. Warning: graphic nature. This is what prohibition looks like.

The NFL has signaled that it is open to allowing its players to consume medical cannabis as part of their injury recovery.

With the gummy bear ban taking effect July 1, the cannabis market will undoubtedly bounce back, but with less fun shaped THC gummies.

This week, I asked my wife to peruse the world of weed and glass with me to come up with a selection of her favorite pieces.

A for effort! Watch this guy try to take on a full gram of herb in under a minute.

Join Krishna in the exploration of a Congo village in this episode of Weediquette, with its economy and productivity fueled by sun-grown cannabis.

emerald triangle

The things others assume about cannabis users aren’t necessarily bad. Here are 10 common stereotypes of stoners that are actually positive.

Tired of buckets of ice and screen bags? Tired of dangerous open air homemade butane extractions? Sick of crushing nugs with a curling iron?

You have seen these amazing cannabis creations all over the net, now it is time to test your skills and learn how to roll your very own Squid Joint.

squid joint

Hemp’s antibacterial properties are making it a super material, and saving grace, for the healthcare industry.

Americans voters are more unified on a topic that has been pushed under the rug for too long – the legalization of medical cannabis.

The core concept of changing manufacturing into a green process goes further than just materials. It is about changing things from the ground up.

Living in a pro-pot state has its obvious benefits. Working in a pro-pot state, on the other hand, is fraught with complications.

It’s already been proven that cannabis use does not make you lose intelligence, but can it actually make you smarter?


HERB sat down for an exclusive interview with former High Times editor, and modern counter-culture icon Mike Edison to talk life, cannabis, and his new book.

Mike Edison

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