Right now, patients in Canada are petitioning to remove unjust taxes on medical cannabis. Help show our support and sign before it is too late!

Cannabis oils and vape pens are synonymous in the newly created connoisseur market of vaping, and companies like O.penVAPE are leading the charge.

In this documentary from VICE, Serbians are risking their lives to get ahold of the only medicine that proves to be effective.

Some of these facts might just help to enhance your high. As they say, knowledge is power!

Not that we needed an excuse to smoke more cannabis…

In what could be perhaps one of the most smoked out sessions in history, Wiz Khalifa & B-Real chief it up in the Smokebox.

Any time of the day in the perfect time for a smoke session, but these specific times make the high especially enjoyable.

Cannabis use is not a strictly secular practice. Its ability to help people heal and achieve spiritual growth is being appreciated by more and more members of faith.

Advocates for the legalization of hemp have called for the substance to be removed from the list of federally controlled substances.

Check out Barry Cooper’s best tips for avoiding a possession charge when you get pulled over. This ex-cop really knows his stuff.

Canada’s cannabis companies are integrating upscale design to create a high-end atmosphere, breaking stereotypes and adapt to the growing market.

What two powers have combined to win more seats in the federal election this summer? Weed and Sex, of course.

Texas is a big potential market for cannabis, but in the state that bleeds blood-red Republican, it has taken a lot longer to get any form of access.

Amsterdam continues to be pioneers in going green for cannabis and hemp. Check out the hemp scooter, the latest innovation from our favorite smoke spot.

hemp scooter

The Canadian cannabis activist has spoken out against recent dispensary raids in Toronto, claiming they were not carried out in the interests of the public.

How many of these slang terms from around the world are you familiar with?


One man is standing up and suing Toronto for infringement of his right to access his medicine.

If you find a baggie of brown powder in you friend’s dresser, it might be the latest legal high. Don’t be alarmed, they’re probably snorting chocolate.

snorting chocolate

As much as conservative prohibitionists would love to point the finger at marijuana for the bad behavior of teens, it seems that is not the case.

Check out the video and watch this guy give you a quick peak in his fields, where he grows all his food and herbs.

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