As much as conservative prohibitionists would love to point the finger at marijuana for the bad behavior of teens, it seems that is not the case.

Check out the video and watch this guy give you a quick peak in his fields, where he grows all his food and herbs.

Check out episode 5 of “Weediquette”, for a beautiful depiction of the California cannabis growing market, and the problems it soon faces.

emerald triangle

Do you want to learn more about dabbing, and the nails you use for those power hits? Here is a breakdown of the different components you can use.

Bernie Sanders is a guy that cannabis lovers can appreciate. Now there is a new product out there that might be even cooler than those iconic ceramic pipes.

The real-life Nancy Botwin is alive and well, still living in Southern California.

Bet you didn’t know that you could turn a simple electronic cigarette into your own personal herb smoking device.

Snoop shares his thoughts on the irony between the YVR airport security and the city of Vancouver’s Needle Exchange Program.

Healthy relationships are all about sharing your joys in life, and for many couples, that includes the joy of cannabis.


Apparently fewer than 1% of dispensaries are operated by people of color. However, these 7 entrepreneurs have succeeded despite the odds.

In case you’ve never experienced the wonders of a dab hit for yourself, here’s a quick description of how to dab.

how to dab

There is an amazing cannabis event coming up this weekend in Sydney’s Victoria Park. If you haven’t heard about it, it might have to do with censorship.

The official song of Summer 2016 is here. Have you heard it yet? We’re obsessed!

According to local reports, crazed sheep are on the rampage after consuming cannabis. Sounds like a scene out of a horror movie.

While many of us might consider this a gigantic waste of cannabis, some people are actually using the real stuff to take their weed manicures to the next level.

weed manicures

The nation is facing a 50/50 split on cannabis use. So where are you safe, where are you sorry, and where is cannabis legal?

Cannabis Legalization

Gooey Rabinski’s new book, Understanding Medical Marijuana, seeks to convert believers in cannabis propaganda into believers in cannabis.


The age of the internet has allowed both veterans and rookies to share frustrations and solutions for the everyday issues of living the herb life.

The truth is, weed smokers are creative, outgoing, exciting, playful, loving, and just as ambitious as anyone else.

One graphic design artist experienced 20 different psychedelic drugs in 20 days, creating images to represent each drug along the way.

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