When dealing or dealing with weed, make sure you don’t follow these guys’ example. The toilet is not an escape hatch! Nugs float.

Watch these people enter virtual reality while high, and see reality in a whole new light.

Two Canadian companies, Aurora Cannabis, and Bedrocan Canada have become the country’s first cannabis companies to offer same-day cannabis delivery service.

I’m sure that this guy is going to be “the butt of many jokes” for a while.

Even down to the voice actors, this rendition of the show could be mistaken for the original, if not for the constant stoner vibes.

This might be the perfect excuse for getting your old Lego’s out of storage, with Master Bong showing you how to create an awesome lego bong!

Lego Bong

If you ever wanted to be a pirate, then this is the joint smoking device for you! Able to burn 7 joints at once: I give you the Flying Dutchman.

Flying Dutchman

Researchers at UC San Diego are trying to figure out new ways to detect whether or not someone is driving while under the influence of cannabis.

Japan is slowly coming to appreciate the herb. But to get some weed in the Land of the Rising Sun, you are going to pay a soaring cost.


Octopi are amazing creatures, with 8 arms. (Not 4,5,or 6). To honor artists who can count, here are some impressive glass creations you can appreciate that get it right.

You might be surprised at some of these famous people who used cannabis. Then again, why be shocked? Everyone should be smoking it.

What the deputy discovered wasn’t even close to being cannabis.

Cannabis is something that helps bring people closer together, and it’s always nice to have a chill squad to enjoy it with.

You read it here first: The Nug Nation is going to be huge. Weed and comedy (and weed and animation) are a match made in heaven.

the nug nation

Finally, there is a community where cannabis connoisseurs, weed warriors, and medical marijuana mentors can share in a fun, safe environment.

Luckily, the Nevada Supreme Court just made a groundbreaking decision in his favor.

An ordinary homemade, plastic bottle bong is on display at an Australia museum for a rather interesting reason.

Check out these 5 insane tattoos that show a proud love of the herb, and see if you can tell a little something else about what these folks love.

The cannabis-related social networking website MassRoots announced on Tuesday that its request to trade shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

What did Chong have to say after being snubbed to speak at a Bernie Sanders rally, just hours before it began?

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