In one Texas town, a pro-cannabis mayor is in, and 5 city officials are out. Why?

pro-cannabis mayor

Check out this video of 2 Chainz showing us how the upscale herbal aficionado can spend a pretty penny.

Wanting to do more, one company is “blazing a trail” by offering a line of products to support several causes all at once.

blazin bottles

Check out this twist on the legendary spliff, could you handle its potency?

Let’s not beat around the bush. Cannabis and masturbation can go together hand in hand, as long as it doesn’t rub you the wrong way.

Educators confess to using cannabis to help them deal with our unruly children and the frustrations of teaching.

The DCMJ is keeping the pressure on the nation’s capital a month after their massive 4/20 smoke-in in front of the White House. They plan to keep up the fight until justice is achieved.

High taxes for this state’s growers and dispensaries could mean lower costs for patients.

Check out the new approach to helping patients access medical marijuana, it’s a business idea that some might prefer over dispensaries.

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate for president to support the legalization of cannabis, and on his trip to Puerto Rico, he was pretty “blunt” about it.

Every nature-loving, cannabis enthusiast will agree: Getting high outside is just better.

You’ve heard of cheese and wine pairs, but what about weed and wine pairings?

William Burns chose to take up gardening in order to beat the boredom of retirement. However, he wasn’t planting tomatoes or carrots.

The underground online marketplace Silk Road has returned to the Internet – and now offers its buyers the option of purchasing cannabis.

Silk road

Want to blaze in major fashion, but you aren’t a spliffigami expert? The Windmill joint lets you pull hits off four joints at the same time in just minutes!

Windmill Joint

We have a lot of names for cannabis. Herb, ganja, weed, bud, but the reality is that all this fuss is over a flower.

There comes a time when hiding your bud could save you some unwanted conversations, so check out how to hide it like a pro.

Tricking a drug test is trickier than you might think.

Sue Taylor is on course to be the first black senior citizen in the country to operate a dispensary.

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